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How important is curb appeal when selling your home?


When buyers are shopping around for a house, they typically scour the internet and swipe through photos.  Many agents ask their buyers to check out homes from the outside, before deciding if they even want to visit the inside.  Depending on how many homes are for sale in your neighborhood, if your home does not stand out from the rest a buyer may not even consider it.

As a seller you need to be smart about choosing where to spend your money in terms of return on investment when selling.

I see many sellers spending so much money on a pool for example and neglecting the exterior façade. The front of the house is truly the first impression your home gives. And you know what they say, you only have one chance to make that first impression. This is so true when selling your home.

Buyers decide on whether to buy your house within the first 30 seconds of arriving.

Even though real estate is a financial decision, 50% of the decision is based on feeling. How does your home make them feel? Do they see themselves living there?  This means that the curb appeal needs to be perfectly neutral and inviting.  The exterior home finishes such as the walkway, driveway, stairs, bushes, windows, trees, lawn and entrance door need to be in excellent condition and even stand out.

You may invest in a spectacular new front door or spruce up the old one with paint and new hardware. The driveway and walkway should not be cracked and need to look sparkling clean; you can pressure wash them. The lawn, trees and garden should not be overgrown; sometime removing a dead tree or overgrown garden goes a long way. Pretend you are receiving a visit from the Queen and prepare your frontage accordingly!

The outside of the property is what creates the first feeling of interest.

When buyers drive by you want them to think “I can see myself pulling up to this house after work”.  You also want them to feel “Wow, those people really take good care of their house.”   More importantly, you want a buyer to say to themselves “We really need to get inside and visit that home!”  The idea is that the outside is so well kept and inviting, that a buyer can not help themselves but want to come inside for a tour.

The curb appeal is directly related to how many buyers will visit your home, and the price you will get.

The more time and money spent on the curb appeal the more buyers will visit resulting in the highest sale price possible. The main tip I would give a seller it to try to look at the exterior from an outsider’s point of view, however since most people live in their homes for so long, this is easier said than done. Work with a realtor that understands the importance of staging, and knows what buyers look for. We offer a home consultation and make a detailed list of items that sellers absolutely need to take care of before selling. And I promise you this makes all the difference!

By: Eleni (Helen) Akrivos –

Helen Akrivos is a Montreal real estate expert who is passionate about educating and inspiring everyone to succeed in real estate! President of North East Realties agency in Montreal and Chartered Real Estate Broker. As a lecturer in the Residential Real Estate Program at College Lasalle, Co-Host of “The Real Estate Show” on CJAD AM800 radio and contributor to the MTL Times newspaper, Helen shares her stories of real estate success to help as many people as she can!

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