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Montreal Real Estate Broker Bogdan Calita


Born in Romania, Calita moved to Montreal 26 years ago; today he is making a good living as a real estate broker, much of that on upscale properties. Calita credits his strong work ethic and keen ability to listen for part of his success. A former professional volleyball player in his homeland, Calita wonders if the discipline he learned during his sports career also helped prepare him for the rigours of the business world.

“Beside talent, volleyball takes a lot of effort and cooperation; I like to set up my clients so that they take the winning shot.”

“I believe in listening to clients, seeing their preferences and understanding their needs. A quick commission is not my main objective, having happy a client is more important because I will be referred to others. I have almost 20 years experience as a realtor and boast an immaculate record as can be verified on the OACIQ (Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec) website.”

The Times verified Profusion and Calita’s records to find the notations: “Aucune mention administrative ni mesure disciplinaire,” that is no mention of any wrongdoing.

“My firm, Profusion Realty, is the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International in Quebec.” Better known as auctioneers, Christie’s is also an upscale realtor with some 17,000 properties for sale internationally, together with about 1,300 luxury rentals. About 50% of those are in the USA (notably Florida, New York, California, and Colorado).

Calita who is licensed for residential, commercial and industrial real estate, describes himself as “90% focused on the residential market.” He is most active in West Island but also deals with properties elsewhere around Montreal and its suburbs. “While I deal mainly with the upscale market, I do not demand any minimum value for properties; again, with a contented client, future referrals are assured.”

We asked Calita about sellers and buyers who try to “cut out the middleman” and deal directly without a realtor. “I do not advise anyone to do that; people think they are saving money but are being ‘penny wise and dollar foolish.’ Sellers have no idea of the buyer financial capabilities or his credit background, a broker will always know. While trying to avoid paying a commission, sellers run the risk of not having the buyer turn up at the notary to sign the deed of sale.” He also speaks of dangers for buyers, especially regarding hidden defects.

Calita is confident about the Montreal real estate market; seeing immigration as boosting sales: “Vancouver and Toronto are not affordable anymore so Montreal is presently the best option for foreign buyers. For how long is hard to say…I should say as long as City of Montreal does not introduce a foreign buyer tax.”

Based out of offices in Westmount, Calita speaks fluent English, French and Romanian. He also understands Italian fairly well.


Profusion Realty Inc.

1303 Av. Greene #500

Westmount, H3Z 2A7




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