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Wet basement repair: What you shouldn’t do


Don’ts when it comes to wet basement repair

With hundreds of people claiming to be experts in wet basement repair, you can be sure that Basement Systems Inc have typically seen it all. Basement repair is not an undertaking that anyone can do; it is best done by experts in basement waterproofing field- an expert who has the relevant training and experience to handle work on wet basements.

Many homeowners try to DIY basement waterproofing, and the entire process ends up developing more problems in the basement system than before. Most basement DIY projects fail terribly. That is a very disheartening situation any homeowner can get himself in since it ends up costing a homeowner more to waterproof the basement. So, when it comes to wet basement repair, here are some things experts in wet basement waterproofing advice homeowners not to do.

Ignorance is expensive

Often homeowners tend to overlook leaking basement hoping that tomorrow it will be dry and when tomorrow comes, and nothing has happened, they say after all it is not affecting us.

Things will not work out on themselves and be what you expect them to be unless you take action and do something. That problem will keep on recurring unless you do something.

If you want to get good quotes on your house when you want to sell it, then there is no other way to achieve that rather than opting for wet basement repair. It is proven that a wet basement cuts down the value of your home by 10% or even higher depending on the extent of the damage. However, if you choose to repair your basement, you can be sure you will get good quotes from buyers. Besides, the money you spend on repairs will ultimately be recovered.

Don’t start waterproofing from exterior

When you look for basement waterproofing contractors, some will tell you that the best way to have a dry basement is to waterproof it from the outside. This usually encompasses digging the foundation from the exterior of your home and then installing the new drainage system on the exterior foundation walls.

This doesn’t work for long. This is because unless these systems are excavated and fixed from the inside, they will clog again with debris and roots.

Besides, exterior excavation is expensive and time-consuming as compared with interior repairs. Again, you will need to interview with the landscaping, the pavements, and porches during the exterior excavation.

Never compromise quality

Just like you will find in any other home renovation or improvement project, some solutions are better than others when it comes to wet basement repair. So, since you want something that will safeguard your home now and in many years to come, you should choose a high-quality solution that will not let you down.

For instance, to make sure that your sump pump will not breakdown due to overheating, you should choose a submersible system that is naturally cooled by surrounding water as it pumps. The pump should be manufactured with cast-iron which effectively transfers heat from the pump.

Don’t install just a single pump

Like any other mechanical appliance in your house, at some point, your sump pump will stop to operate. Likewise, if your sump pump uses electricity, in case of power outrage, it ceases to operate.

Because of this, experts recommend the use of three or more pump system to keep your basement dry. For instance, you should have a primary pump for daily operations, a backup one, and also a battery backup.

This will ensure that any unexpected occurrence that makes your sump pump to stop operating is taken care of.

Not ventilating the basement

Ventilating your basement will not help your leaking basement in any way. If you have vented the interior of your basement, what air are you venting? Conditioning cold air during the winter will be pretty expensive. Hot or humid air will not get any better if your basement is leaking. What about when the weather is foggy or raining? What will be venting?

And if you are venting exterior basement, remember that you will incur some costs to vent that air-you are literally throwing your money through the window. The only option to make your basement comfortable is choosing wet basement repair.

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