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The Modern Day Dad


Let’s think back to the 1950’s. We picture the stereotypical father, all suited up for work, tie snug around his neck just right, briefcase in hand. Then he was gone for the day, working hard to support the entire family. After bringing home the bacon, he likely plopped into his recliner, asking to have a few minutes to collect his thoughts and readjust his psyche. Not an easy task. He sipped his scotch, maybe watched some sports or the news or played with his kids for a while before it was time for bed. And let’s be honest… we know who probably gave them a bath, read them books and snuggled until lights out. Thanks Moms.

The Modern Day Dad

Dads weren’t encouraged to be involved because the Mothers were expected to do most or all of the work involving the children and the home. Dads weren’t even allowed in the delivery room! They sat in the waiting room in anticipation for the news so he could light up his cigar and enjoy his excitement from the side lines! Perhaps they wanted nothing more than to be included, but it just wasn’t status quo back then.

Times have changed and in a good way. Societal evolution now encourages parental role sharing. But remember, it is our fathers and grandfathers who parented us. They did a great job in spite of the norm restrictions placed upon them. After all, it is their sons and grandsons and great-grandsons today who are independent and confident enough to embrace the new mode.

With cultural norms morphing parenthood, possibilities have opened up for both Moms and Dads alike. They have a broader range of choice in terms of career and/or home life.

Dads everywhere are choosing to be more involved and invested in their home life. With more Mothers fulfilling their career passions, many Dads have taken over the role that was typically for Mom only. Dads stay home and raise the kids. Dads help deliver babies. They fight for longer paternity leave. They help with the groceries, they pitch in with housework, they drive kids to school and sports. Dads are around. They clean, make gourmet dinners and still have time to play a round of golf or have beers with buddies.

Many dads today have successfully learned how to juggle the two jobs. It’s wonderful how fathers are encouraged to play a bigger role in their children’s development. We see fathers at the playground, holding baby carriers, pushing strollers, changing diapers! It is a new freedom for all.

From all Mothers and children everywhere… Thanks Dad! We know we can count on you.

Earth to Body wishes all a Happy Father’s Day!

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