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3 helpful extras that every restaurateur should consider


Your great cuisine and knack for hospitality may have led you to open a restaurant, but it’s a tough business. Survival and success mean cutting unnecessary costs without compromising the quality and service excellence you’re relying on to take you to the top. But a few extras, though they do come at a price, can boost your reputation and profitability, more than paying for themselves, and reducing your management burden. Check out these options and do the math. It’s a worthwhile exercise!

1. Restaurant cleaning services

While you might ask your wait staff to double up as cleaners, they are by no means professionals, and “small” oversights like sticky tables, stale odours, or dusty surfaces could cost you your reputation. Supposing that you have the time, you could oversee every detail, but that will come at the cost of the kitchen prep you should be doing before the doors open.

You can’t be everywhere at once, so hiring professional restaurant cleaning services could be the ideal solution. They concentrate on what they’re good at, leaving you free to devote your energy to managing your business.

2. An automated stock management system

Purchasing and managing stock needn’t be a tiresome business, but without a good software-based system to help you, it can be very hard to optimize. High-quality, and above all, fresh, ingredients are the basic raw materials you need to run your business.

Overstock, and you end up dumping food. Understock, and your wait staff end up having to make excuses as to why this or that menu item isn’t currently available. The former costs you unnecessary expense, while the latter disappoints customers. Shrinkage owing to staff helping themselves to the contents of your cold room can also result in a substantial cost.

Computerised stock management systems make checking stock in and out easy, and they produce analytics that help you to get your ordering just right. Some systems will even contact your suppliers for you, leaving you free to focus on more immediate matters.

3. Social media marketers

Your restaurant’s social media pages tempt patrons to your door with professional images of succulent dishes, special offer notifications, and event advertising. But staying on top of the curve requires frequent posts with just the right marketing message. Finding time to monitor and update social media pages can be quite a challenge, so why not get someone to do the job for you?

Social media marketing remains one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising out there, so spending a little on optimizing it should earn dividends. A marketer will also keep tabs on things, making sure that people who interact with your pages get quick responses, whether they are offering criticism or praise.

Why go it alone?

Spreading yourself too thinly while you try to handle every aspect of your restaurant business from stock control, to marketing, to cleaning and customer service can easily mean that you’re doing a little of everything and none of it particularly well. With stiff competition and tight profit margins, it makes sense to get a little help with activities that distract you from your core business. Specialized software and services can lighten your load considerably, optimizing day-today tasks and leaving you with time for the strategic management of your business.

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