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Aloha espresso bar – a taste of Hawaii in the Old Port


Aloha Espresso bar is the latest addition to Montreal’s Old Port restaurant scene. A cute, welcoming coffee shop filled with island vibes and great food, customers will feel like they’re on a vacation.

Feeling like a Poké or an Acai bowl? This is the perfect pit spot on a hot summer day. The colourful décor will make you feel like you have stepped foot on the beaches of Hawaii, just as its name entails. The yellow, floral tapestry painted across the walls with wooden accents will definitely put a smile on your face no matter the temperature.

Their menu includes breakfast, Acai smoothie bowls that make a perfect dessert or a meal on its own, sandwiches and of course the famous Hawaiian Poké bowl with red tuna.

Upon arrival, wishing it had been breakfast time after seeing their options, I decided to try both the smoothie and Poké bowls. This was my first Poké bowl, and let me tell you that it did not disappoint. These bad boys are packed with flavour. The freshness from the tuna paired with the white rice, edamame beans and jalapeno make for a unique burst of flavour. As for their Rainbow Acai smoothie bowl, which I so bravely took as dessert after the satisfying Poké bowl, it hit the spot and was just what I needed. Topped with fresh fruits and seeds, it really does look and taste like a rainbow!

If you’re feeling for a coffee, this place is known for their killer espressos and if not, do like me and chug down a really good stout beer that tastes like coffee anyway!

Either way, you’ll definitely leave Aloha Espresso bar feeling happy, full and eager to hit the waves in Honolulu.

Aloha Espresso Bar

15 de la Commune St W,


QC H2Y 2C6

Hours: Open today 8AM–11PM

(514) 303-7788

Alyssa De Rosa – mtltimes.ca
To see the article in the Montreal Times 22.82 July 8, 2017 edition please click on the above image
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