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COVID-19 takes another victim as Grumman78 Taco garage closes its doors


Grumman78 Taco garage closes its doors – “With love and gratitude in our hearts we are here to announce the Grumman78 is closing its doors and hanging up its tires,” the owners posted on the restaurant’s social media page yesterday.

Before shutting their doors the restaurant will be hosting a garage sale on Saturday October 17th and Sunday October 18th to sell off a few items that need a new home. The owners would love to see everyone one last time so please drop by and say good-bye. (Please respect social distancing rules and wear a mask.)

Grumman78 Taco garage closes

Dear Grumman Community,

With love and gratitude in our hearts we are here to announce that Grumman 78 is closing its doors and hanging up its tires. 2020, with all its challenges, enabled us to evolve and transform, but it has also crippled our beloved business. Our taco garage and our inimitable 1978 GMC Grumman have ceased operations effective immediately. We are going to take a well-deserved break and see where the wind takes us – possibly on another adventure?But what a time we had. 10 years! We hosted your weddings, birthday parties, family dinners and funerals. We catered your at home parties, your office lunches, we were there for your lazy Sunday dinners, your date nights and your Christmas parties. We also changed the laws in Montreal ushering in a new age of food trucks and culinary ingenuity. And we loved every second. What a privilege to be a part of your lives all these years. They say that everything ends, and it is our time to go. But before we do, we hope you’ll come see us this weekend, October 17-18 for a real garage sale. We have a few items that need new homes, and we’d love to see you before we move on. Come say hi – (while respecting social distancing and impeccable hygiene, to be sure!) we open at 10am. Finally, to our beloved staff, customers and suppliers, “thank you” cannot convey the depth of our gratitude. Grumman, in all her glory, thrived thanks to your generosity and enthusiasm, your love and loyalty. We will miss you all. We leave you with this magnificent video made by our friend Julien from “Un soir a Montreal”. Slated to be released this autumn, you can see how our 2020 unfolded and the optimism with which we approached it. We are forever grateful – for all of it.

Love,Gaelle, Hilary & Seb.

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