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West Island Kelly’s Pub comes to an end of an era


Kelly’s Pub, located on Donegani Ave. in Pointe Claire’s Valois village has been serving its loyal customers for over 30 years, but now it is closed. But fear ye’ not. The owners of Ye Old Orchard Pub and Grill chain have taken it under their wing and will soon be reopening it – and rumour has it they could be calling it ‘Kelly’s Orchard’, but it is not yet official. Ye Old Orchard first opened their Celtic style pub & grill in Montreal’s Monkland village in 1996 and since then have opened five more places including their downtown de la Montagne and Prince Arthur St. locations to others in Chateauguay, Saint-Sauver as well as the one in Pointe Claire on Lakeshore Blvd.

Kelly’s Pub was one of the West Island’s most popular spots to hang out and raise a pint (or two) with friends while watching a game on TV, or on Tuesday evenings, listening to the Dixie Land Jazz band. Friday and Saturday nights is when the place really came alive with local bands performing music that had people up and dancing – and the memories are many.

The owner of Ye Old Orchard said the place will be renovated and the new pub will mix ‘the best of the old Kelly’s’ with the best of the Ye Olde Orchard marque. It is not yet known whether Kelly’s famous ‘Fish N Chips’ or their ‘Bangers’ and other favourite dishes will be on the menu, but here’s raising a pint in the hopes that they will! It is expected to be open sometime this May.

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