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Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs is THE new cult spot for microbrewery enthusiasts


Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs – In an industrial complex, on the premises of a former bingo, at the crossroad of Hochelaga Street and L’Assomption Boulevard, Avant-Garde’s grand tasting room is a real eye-catcher. Unlike what the logo can hint, this is not a group of anarchists with a street front, but a spot to savor exceptional artisanal beers!

The legend of two labels Avant-Garde and Jukebox beers

The Avant-Garde brand was founded in 2016 by Shawn Duriez, at that time working for Oshlag – another brewer located in the very same industrial complex – where previously; both Avant-Garde and Jukebox beers were bottled there. Things stepped up a notch when he met Renaud Gouin; creator of the Jukebox line of beers, which have been on the market since 2012. They slowly began to plan for something big.

From dream to pub

Their shared passion, combined with their complementary entrepreneurial skills, has enabled the ambitious thirty-something duo to turn their vision into reality. Opened in June, the sleek and modern pub aims to revitalize this somewhat neglected part of town. Located where the Hochelaga borough ends and Mercier begins; a place that is full of potential for new development and projects.

The big difference

They distinguish themselves by creating highly inspired beers with a high degree of quality, simply one the best in Montreal. Plus, coming this fall, a provincial tabletop football competition will be held from October 18 to 20. If you’ve never seen a professional tournament, you’re missing something! In the meantime, go and measure yourself up on their Tornado tables. Another reason why Avant-Garde is worth the trip to this part of the city!

The opinion of a craft beer aficionado

In the book of the former adviser of the Hochelaga beer shop Le Bièrologue that I am, both Avant-Garde and Jukebox products are hard to outclass. They honestly are at the cutting edge for a great brew with products like the Fashionista; their version of a New-England styled IPA, just one example of their 24 wonderful beers available on tap.

Avant-Garde Artisans brasseurs logo

Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs

5500 Hochelaga local 150, Montréal H1N 3L7

By: Pascal DesLauriers – info@mtltimes.ca

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