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Spring 2020 quarantine wines to try


Spring 2020 quarantine wines – In times like this, there is a longing for the pleasures of the familiar. In one way or another we hold on to something to navigate us through these uncertain times. Some find comfort in their arms of their lovers, some by shopping and least but not least through food & wine.

It seems we all need that extra glass of wine to relax with our meals specially during the last five weeks. The secret lies in drinking judiciously rather than for the sake of drinking itself. There is beauty in sipping a Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois with a steak cooked on the Bar-B-Q. These days my warmness is found in Italian natural reds with pasta and pizza dishes. This is way much better than chugging down a cheap and acidic $10 wine found at your local dep. Wine and food  appreciation is a learnt taste. It takes time to build it.

Comfort derived from wine is highly subjective. Maybe you get pleasure from something familiar like a classic Bordeaux, Burgundy or Rioja. On the other hand, other wine peeps would prefer the thrill of exploring something wild and new like a funky natural wine. No matter your choice, what it is important is that you are happy with it.

Even if it is not that obvious, it is important to be positive. In these hard times, I would like to recommend to you three wines to try.

Spring 2020 quarantine wines

Josetta Saffirio Nebbiolo 2017

Josetta Saffirio Nebbiolo 2017 SAQ # 13478281 $28.00

An excellent Nebbiolo with an amazing price tag. A fantastic nose redolent of raspberry tea, fountain ink with a touch of ginger. Full body with chiseled tannins and a beautiful acidity leading to a mountain herb finale. Top choice to have with a nice steak on the BBQ

Enrico Orlando Crussi Nebbiolo D’Alba Superiore 2015

Enrico Orlando Crussi Nebbiolo D’Alba Superiore 2015 ( Private Import. 12 pack case. $36.50 Les Vins de Julie

A very sensual Nebbiolo that brings to mind rose peppercorns, goji berries with liquorice undertones. Refined and very elegant, it has noble flavours that bring to mind dry mushrooms tones. Lovely finale that brings to mind milk chocolate with cardamom. Perfect wine to have with mushroom based pastas.

Lato Sud Grottafumata 2018

Lato Sud Grottafumata 2018 Carricante and Catarratto – Private Import. 6 pack case. $55-Oenopole

Vintage tasted 2017. Explosive nose reminiscent of apricot with exquisite notes of chamomile and other yellow flowers. On the palate, rich and unctuous yet with an incredible freshness. A Sicilian masterpiece.

Marco Giovanetti
Marco Giovanetti – info@mtltimes.ca

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