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What dishes pair with Chablis wine?


Chablis wine – What dishes pair with Chablis? Well, lucky for wine lovers, the region produces some of the most food friendly wines in the world, so there are a lot of alternatives that range from shellfish, poultry and even cheese.

The famous french region is subdivided into four appellations within the northern district of Burgundy, with each area producing very interesting wines.

Petit Chablis wines could be quite acidic and they should be enjoyed within a few years of their release. They should be enjoyed cold and drank within a year or two after release. These are affordable Chardonnays that go well different foods such as simple seafood preparations to even a bowl of chips! In the SAQ, a Petit Chablis would retail under $25.00

Chablis, however, has an extra layer of depth and minerality, often derived from the chalky soils known as Kimmeridgian. These wines pair well with richer fish and seafood preparations that involve the use of cream and butter for instance.

Chablis Premier Cru comprises 15% of the Chablis vineyards. There are 40 climats that can be associated with the Premier Cru appellation. In general, these are wines that need a bit of aging to showcase their full potential or some aeration if consumed young. A Chablis of these category is a wonderful partner with wild poultry, sausages or even mushrooms such as Chanterelles.

The cherry of Chablis is the  Grand Cru appellation.  It is divided between seven vineyard sites each with their own identity. The vines grow on Marls and Kimmeridgian limestone vineyards, which are located across the Serein River from the village of Chablis. The Chablis Grand Cru appellation yields some of the most raciest and elegant white wines of the world. More often than not, they need aging to achieve their potential. These wines are simply well paired with oysters or high quality raw fish.

Four of the best for an Introduction to Chablis wine:

Domaine de Pisse-Loup Petit-Chablis

Domaine de Pisse-Loup Petit-Chablis 2017 – SAQ # 13232599 – $24.40

Pretty nose reminiscent of apples, gooseberry with a touch of herb and gunflint. Medium to full body with a crisp acidity and a vibrant long lemony finale.

Domaine Laroche Chablis Saint-Martin

Domaine Laroche Chablis Saint-Martin 2018 – SAQ # 00114223 – $25.90

Very saline with notes of Barlett pear, apple and lemon zest. On the palate, bright with a mouthwatering acidity and long finale.

Samuel Billaud Chablis Premier

Samuel Billaud Chablis Premier Cru Les Vaillons 2017 – SAQ # 13982234 – $52.50

Deep and multilayered nose reminiscent of lime, chalk, white pepper and roasted seaweed. On the palate, steely with flavors reminiscent of blanched herbs with a long racy finale.

Benjamin Laroche La Manufacture


Benjamin Laroche La Manufacture Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos 2015 – SAQ # 13571574 – $110.75

Vintage tasted 2014: Extremely pungent nose with complex aromas of miso, seaweed and barnyard aromas. On the palate, quite long and racy with a lip smacking acidity. Quite an angular Chardonnay that will age for decades.

Marco Giovanetti
Marco Giovanetti –

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