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Wine critic? Not as easy as it sounds


The role of the wine critic is to guide a consumer to make an informed choice when buying wine. To taste and drink wine is an act of humility and communicating our impressions sometimes could be a courageous effort. It is a fun role but it comes with it’s own package of rules and responsibilities

For the wine critic, it is always imperative to put their  personal tastes aside and evaluate the wine solely on  its merits or defaults.Their opinions and scores influence wine buying decisions, a wine score or a review from a respected critic  can make or break a wine and its reputation. Wine critics offer an informed  opinion when a consumer does not know which wine to choose and often help them to avoid buying the ‘wrong’ wine.

A wine critic’s role is not easy because, wine is a complex beverage, and people have different palates.  A wine critic performs well  when his recommendations help you find a bottle of wine you enjoy. Usually, this occurs  when you click with  a wine critic with a similar palate to yours.

When a critic taste a wine, they are searching  for something. I am looking to dig the wine and understand its true soul. The job is easier some days than others. To complicate the matter, a critic’s palate evolve with time. For instance, these days I favour low alcohol or natural wines rather than the big blockbuster wines that I used to drink in my 20’s.

A wine critic must also be able to communicate its review in a respectful matter. To stay professional, a critic should avoid swearing or using highly pejorative words. After all, a wine critic is a sort of a public figure and should not be involved in controversies. There are polite ways to communicate your negative review without bashing a producer or a style.

Beyond ratings or reviews, the  most important aspect of wine tasting  is your own experience. Have you ever hated a movie that got great reviews? Or loved one that didn’t?.Don’t get fixated on scores…the reality is that no one places much importance to a review when they are having dinner.

Wine of the week

Pierre Chainier Les Calcaires 2018

Pierre Chainier Les Calcaires 2018 SAQ# 14094925 $12.95

The Chainier House was created  by Pierre Chainier himself in the Loire in 1973, and since then passed from father to sons who operate a winemaking family enterprise and are recognised all over the world as Loire experts, with over 250ha of vineyards located between Tours and Blois, in the heart of the Touraine appellation of the region.

“Les Calcaires” refers to fossil rich calcareous limestone soils which helps to form some of the best terroirs in central and northern France, and from where the grapes used to make this wine come from

This affordable white (Sauvignon Blanc) has tropical citrus fruit character reminiscent of pineapple and orange with green bell pepper notes.  On the mouth it is crisp with a mouthwatering acidity. Medium body with an almost waxy structure. It is  long with an alluring salty-herbal finale.  Pairing well with light seafood preparation or as an aperitivo.

Marco Giovanetti
Marco Giovanetti – info@mtltimes.ca

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