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Wine for the Gods


The wine industry dates back to the earliest civilizations in the globe, where only the nobility are only fit to drink this kind of beverages. Not only because of their strong, rich taste but also, because, they are so expensive where a drop is equivalent to ten full-grown cows. But as the culture, monarchy started to change, together with the growing industry of wine production, prices began to tone down, and wine has become a drink for all.

But even though, with the presence of many competitors with high-quality wine. Some manufacturers still produce wine like no other. Wines with a tang that can’t just be described into words, because of their unique and extravagant taste, made to perfection. A wine for the Gods that only the richest can purchase because of how expensive it costs. So here are some of the wines, all over the world with the most unbelievable prices.

1811 Chateau D’Qyeum

This wine still holds the Guinness World Record for being the most expensive white wine to be sold at an amount of 117, 000 US dollars. This was sold to a famous wine connoisseur Christian Vanneque to celebrate his 50 years as a wine-taster. 1811 Chateau D’yquem is said to be showcased in SIP Sunset Grill in Bali Indonesia.

1945 Romanee Conti

This was auctioned in Geneva, Switzerland in 2007 and was sold with an amount of 123, 900 US Dollars. It is said that only 600 bottles were produced during the season, this was after the conclusion of the second world war, and right before the epidemic disease scattered, the pest that terrorized the Romanee Conti was also the reason of the low production.

1787 Chateau Lafite

This bottle was discovered in a cellar in Paris, 200 years after. This bottle was said to be in possession with former US Presidents and famous connoisseur until Château Lafite 1787 was sold to Malcolm Forbes amounting to 156, 450 US Dollars. The sad thing about this remarkable drink was that because it was poorly handled, the wine itself dried up and Forbes lost 156, 450 US Dollars.

Ampoule from Penfolds

This wine is produced by the most famous winery in South Australia. This winery produces the most expensive wine to be retailed directly from the winery itself. In order to purchase their products, a senior winemaking staff will accompany the buyer to their place.

1787 Chateau Margaux

William Solokin owned this bottle with a tremendous value of 225, 000 US dollars. The funny thing about this wine is that, when William took it out for dinner in the Four Season Hotel, a waiter accidentally bumped into the table, causing the bottle to fall and shatter into thousands of broken pieces. Good thing the insurance company paid Solokin for his losses.

1869 Chateau Lafite

Again in the list is a Chateau Lafite 1869, auctioneers presumed that these bottles were only sold up to 8000 US dollars. But they were in for a shock when the bottle was sold for 230,000 US dollars by an anonymous Asian buyer.

1907 Heidsieck

According to Chris Hoel, this wine tasted like gunpowder, graham crackers, flamed orange and burned lemons, nothing really like wine. The carrier ship of the 2000 bottles of 1907 Heidsieck sank in 1916 after a German submarine targeted it during the first world war. The remains of the ship were discovered in 1997 that means the bottles was left in the freezing temperatures without any light in the bottom of the ocean. The bottles were then sold at 275,000 US dollars. These were sold at a high price because of their history not because of the wine itself.

1947 Cheval Blanc

This was sold to an anonymous buyer at Christie’s for 304,375 US Dollars. Chateau Cheval Blanc is known as one of the most prominent winemakers in the world. Chateau Cheval Blanc is also the recipient of the Super-Exclusive Premiere Grand Cru Classe (A) rank in the Classification of Saint Emilion wine in 2012.

1945 Jeroboam of Chateau Mouton Rothschild

When Nathaniel Rothschild bought the vineyard in 1853, their wine became the most valued wines in the globe. And since it’s a product of the family Rothschild, it is not surprising that a bottle cost a staggering amount of 310, 700, and a glass can cost you 8, 600 US Dollars. Their wine bottles also have a unique symbol of “V” which indicates the victory of the allied forces during the second world war.

1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon

The world knows that the known and most prominent winemakers are usually found in Europe. But, the most expensive wine to have ever been sold until this day is made in America, specifically, Oakville, California, It was auctioned in a charity event in 2000 and fetched an unbelievable price of half a million dollars (500,000 USD), this is due to the rarity and small-scale production of this wine.

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