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Wines to have with your BBQ


BBQ season is going strong at the moment so there’s lots of time to wine and dine with some tasty grilled savoury dishes. The bold, smoky flavours of BBQ complement well a variety of wines. But where to begin? Check out my short guide to combining popular grilled dishes with different grape varietals and start your fun quest!

Wines to have with the humble hamburger and hotdog

 Who doesn’t love this classic? Fill up your bbq with burgers and dogs which pair amazing with full bodies rosés, or Pinot Noir or Malbec. Include toppings such as tomato slices to make a bridge with the acidity of a rose

Wines to have with BBQ Chicken

 BBQ chicken is a super friendly dish that can be prepared to taste amazing alongside a variety of wines. Delicate seasoned chicken suits lighter whites like Sauvignon Blanc, while a heavier creamy sauce has an affinity with Chardonnay, and a bold BBQ ( rotisserie style) sauce stands up to the bold flavours of a Cabernet Sauvignon

Wines to have with Lobster

Lobster meat is sweet and savoury, and generally fares well with wines choices that don’t dominate its delicate nature. A chardonnay is safe choice, especially one with not too much oak. For a change try a dry, crisp Sauvignon Blanc or rosé from Provence.

Wines to have with Grilled salmon

 It’s a no brainer to cook salmon on the BBQ. Salmon is already a bold flavoured fish so you don’t need a complicated wine unless you over season it. My wine choice are chardonnay, pinot noir or rose.

Wines to have with Steak

Bold red wines are fantastic with steak, and your choice of red will depend of course on the preparation, spices, and your state of being. There is a vast universe of hearty red wines as selection of cuts and preparations of beef. So be ready to think about the box. Steak is a low risk food that will give you the opportunity to explore gutsy red wines

Wines to have with your BBQ

Bonterra Chardonnay 2018 – SAQ# 00342436 $18.95 ( On special at the SAQ for $17.45)

Noble aromas of honey, almond butter and apple pie tart. Round and creamy with discreet oak notes and fun tropical flavours. Lovely lingering finale. Goes well with med style chicken breast on a charcoal BBQ.

Don David Chardonnay Reserva 2018 – SAQ # 13918312 $16.00

This Argentinian Chardonnay Reserva has a stylish nose reminiscent of pear and guava sorbet. On the mouth, it is refined with a sexy creaminess displaying a bright and beautiful acidity. Lovely tropical fruit flavours and a refreshing finale. Pairing well with grilled salmon with a mango coriander sauce.

Jean Perrier Cuvée Gastronomie Apremont 2018 – SAQ # 11965182 $16.85

This white from Savoie Jean Perrier Cuvée Gastronomie 2018 is a charmer and a looker. Great nose with fragrant aromas of granny Smith, Japanese pear and soft floral nuances. Delicate with a nice tonus in the palate and a chic acidity. The grape varietal is jacquere and it should be on your radar for summer 2019. Try it with grilled lobster and you wont be disappointed.

In Reds

Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 – SAQ # 13469836 $19.00

This affordable Californian Cabernet Sauvignon displays Blackcurrant, roasted peppers, cassis jam. and asian spices ( soya, oyster sauce) with smoke and gunpowder. Fruit forward, very easy to drink with a minty touch as well. Subtle and caressing tannins with a prune finale. It’s a classic match with a charred New York strip steak.

MontGras Quatro Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 – SAQ # 11331737 $17.55 ( On special for $15.55 at the SAQ)

Quatro by famous Chilean MontGrass winery is all about sensual black raspberries flavours laced with long pepper spice and fragrant liquorice. It is quite smooth with satiny tannins and a long caressing finale. Hard to resist the charms of this wine, it reminds me of the generous nature of Chilean people. Pairing well with barbacoa cuban style chicken

Péraclos Montagne St-Émilion 2016 – SAQ # 12711424 $20.15

The 2016 vintage of Peraclos Montagne Saint Emilion is absolutely fabulous. Crunchy black cherry fruit with liquorice and black raspberry. On the palate, nicely concentrated with a refreshing acidity and long length. All the goodness of Merlot based Bordeaux!!

Roses Wines

Domaine de Gournier 2018 – SAQ # 00464602 $11.80

Quite savoury nose reminiscent of fresh red field berry fruit. Medium body with a nice balance and spicy retronasal flavours. Excellent value for the price. It will be an excellent pairing with shrimp skewers.

Domaine Houchart Provence 2018 – SAQ # 11686503 $19.05

Lovely nose reminiscent of confit violet with hints of cassis and raspberry soda. Delicate flint notes as well. Medium body with pleasant red berry flavours and an infinite herbal finale. It will be amazing with grilled lobster.

Carrelot des Amants 2018 ( French Southwest) – SAQ # 620682 $12.70

Excellent rose with notes of raspberry cola, garrigue, lavender and eucalyptus. Medium to full body. Quite crisp and aromatic on the palate as well. Long and caressing in the palate with a lovely floral finale.

Marco Giovanetti
Marco Giovanetti – info@mtltimes.ca


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