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The Best Poutine goes To…


By Alyssa De Rosa


La Poutine Week kicked off on February 1st and runs through February 7th, where 30 restaurants across the city will be showcasing their “best” poutines for just $10.00 a pop. What I really enjoy about La Poutine Week is the chance to visit different restaurants, get to know their menu and feel their ambiance.


This week my friends and I went on our second annual “poutine trek” where we hit four different restaurants and ordered four poutines, yes you read correctly, four!


Imadake poutineFirst stop, Imadake – a Japanese tapas pub where dishes are small and made to be shared! Their featured poutine was the perfect fusion of Japanese meets Quebec. Definitely the most original poutine to date, the seafood pancake topped with ginger and fresh ingredients paired with cheese curds and small potato fries was an explosion of flavour and freshness. Being a newbie in this joint, I really enjoyed the service, the atmosphere and the food other customers were eating looked just as delicious as the poutine. My friends and I will be returning for a girls night very soon – especially for the sake bombs!


Alors PoutineSecond stop, Frite Alors. The featured poutine at this restaurant is the “Lobster Monster,” which included french fries, bechamel sauce, cheese curds and fresh lobster but, unfortunately, upon our arrival we were told the restaurant ran out of bechamel sauce. How does one run out of sauce during Poutine Week? That is the question that was on all our minds for the remainder of the night. Nonetheless, we were seated and felt we should order something anyway, so we did. It didn’t disappoint. The “L’Original,” was very tasty. Having never been to Frite Alors before, I now know why it’s so popular – their french fries are perfect! I’ll definitely go back soon, but sooner for the Lobster Monster.


Gourmet Burger PoutineThird stop, Gourmet Burger. A student’s paradise with cheap prices a “chill” hangout spot, Gourmet Burger’s featured poutine included caramelized onions, bacon, cheese curds, skinny french fries and spicy gravy. The combination of onions, bacon and gravy was spot on. The french fries had a sweetness to them even though they weren’t sweet potato fries. If you haven’t been to Gourmet Burger yet, know that it doesn’t seat many people. It’s quaint and comfortable. You’ll notice on the wall their burger was part of the TOP 3 during Burger Week last September, so the restaurant must be doing something right!


McKibbins PoutineLast stop, McKibbins Irish Pub for their baked potato poutine. Don’t be fooled by the name of the of the featured poutine. My friends and I thought it was made up of actual baked potato slices topped with the usual trimmings. However, we were wrong. Expect french fries, sour cream, echalottes, and bacon bits. The McKibbins portion was the biggest among the four and may have been my least favorite, but still tasty and worthy of entry!


As for the “best” poutine…I have yet to choose one since the week isn’t over! Unless someone beats Imadake’s dish, between originality and flavour, that’s the one to beat! See you at the table, with a fork in my hand and gravy on my face.



4006 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Westmount, QC H3Z 1P2

(514) 931-8833


Frite Alors

680 St. Catherine O. (angle Université), Mtl


Gourmet Burger

1433 Rue Bishop, Montréal, QC H3G 2E4

(514) 435-3535


McKibbins Irish Pub

3515 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2T6

(514) 282-1580

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