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How to choose your real estate broker? 5 Traits to look for:


By Eleni Akrivos – mtltimes.ca

Let’s be honest about how many licensed real estate brokers there are in Montreal and Quebec; probably too many to count.  Everyone I speak to knows a real estate broker or has one in their immediate family!  How do you decide who to work with for the next purchase or sale of your home?  Many service industries such as real estate, rely heavily on referrals. Referrals work great for the most part, as a testimonial from a happy client is a great indication that this broker can make you a happy client as well!  If a real estate broker was not referred to you, certainly you may ask for references or review testimonials if they have them on line.

Most consumers know what they are looking for, and expect their real estate broker to have certain traits.  Here are the five traits to look for:


1)   A broker who is friendly and communicates with ease will have a knack of getting along with many different types of people. 

Real estate is a people business – and you never know who you will be dealing with while buying and selling.  Some may disagree, but you end up working very closely together and it is important that you like your real estate broker.  Not to say that you need to be best friends!  The buying and selling process will have some stressful moments and having a clash of personalities is the last thing you need.  Excellent communication skills can mean the difference between a miserable experience and a successful transaction.

2)   A broker who is trustworthy and honest will help you avoid costly errors.

Especially for home buyers, this is the number one trait you expect from your broker – to advise you as if they were buying for themselves.  A broker who looks out for your best interest and takes your particular situation at heart is invaluable. For sellers, honesty plays a key factor in determining a fair market asking price for example.  Is your broker inflating the asking price or evaluation just to get your business, or are they providing an honest opinion about your property?

3)   A broker who is assertive will be an excellent negotiator to have on your side!

A skilled negotiator will analyze price comparisons, market conditions in your neighborhood and provide a strategy in line with your goals, whether buying or selling.  From formulating and presenting your offer, to preparing a marketing strategy to sell, negotiating is not to be underestimated.

4)   A broker with experience and market knowledge can deal with unexpected issues.

Let’s face it, the more situations a real estate broker has seen in their career, the better equipped they are to help you in times where things get a bit tricky – and this will occur at one point or another.  Hire a broker who has been around the block and can come up with solutions!

5)   A broker with a sense of calm and humor will get things done.

I always tell my clients that real estate is 50% financial and 50% emotional.  Meaning, that we are in the business of managing the financial and emotional expectations of buyers and sellers and making everyone happy to buy, sell and get to where they need to be, under the most favorable terms.  This takes patience, calm and the ability to sometimes laugh at things beyond our control.

For more information on the buying and selling season contact Eleni Akrivos, Chartered Real Estate Broker at 5149998888 and check out our properties for sale at www.northeastrealties.ca




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