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CondoCare Service for all condo need has you covered


CondoCare Services for all condo needs
Off-site condo management has you covered.

CondoCare Services provides a multitude of services for condominium owners, ranging from roof repairs to extermination of pests to disaster emergency service. The company offers maintenance management for condominium associations as well as the actual buildings.”

“We target developments without an onsite manager; CondoCare is best-suited for properties with between 10 and 20 units,” explains CondoCare owner, Geoffrey Darwent. “I am a good listener and can offer tailor-made solutions to what the client’s concerns are. Also, I am not a stickler to the contract if emergencies pop up. I don’t like telling the client that their problem is not covered in our contract…”

Darwent founded the company in 1995 and relies on an extensive network of contacts to provide subcontracting services. The geographic area covered by CondoCare extends from Cote des Neiges to the entire West Island.

“Want to see my Rolodex?” Darwent asks, flipping through what must be hundreds of business cards in at least 20 different categories. These include subcontractors who are: electricians, plumbers, architects, lawyers, landscapers, janitors, insurers, recyclers, construction consultants, roofers, garage door installers, parking lines painters, sprinkler experts, and elevator experts, etc.
Not only does he offer a plethora of services, but CondoCare provides both regular and 24/7 emergency response maintenance solutions to meet all sorts of needs: electrical and plumbing repairs, from dryer vent cleaning, power washing, painting and carpentry to outlet testing, ceiling fan installation, hot water heater element replacement, etc.

“We want your business,” he emphasizes. “If the scope of work is beyond that of our handyman, CondoCare, as a licensed general contractor, can easily coordinate with a licensed trade within its network to complete the necessary job in a timely and professional manner.”

The Times asked about whether Darwent could offer advice to condo owners who might be wondering about the quality of the building that they purchased. “Yes, I am writing a book on that,” he replied, showing a manuscript entitled “Your first condo.” The 26-page document has such chapter headings as: “Snapshot Synopsis;” “Insurance;” “To Condo or Not to Condo;” “Rent or Own;” and “Does the Manager’s Hat Fit?” Darwent hopes to publish the manuscript in coming months.

He also notes that a common problem with condo associations is that they do not start with sufficient reserve funds to meet building maintenance eventualities. The associations are often surprised by shockingly high bills that arrive unexpectedly.

“Corners were often cut during construction. ‘Meeting the code’ means meeting minimum standards; builders want to make as much money as possible. Some new condos have roof leaks within months. You have to do your homework. ‘New’ does not necessarily mean ‘good’.”

CondoCare, among many other services, offers “Project management,” meaning that they can oversee landscaping, roof repairs, etc.

We asked Darwent what his funniest experience was on the job. He recalled once meeting a client while dressed in his “management” costume, then going back to the same property later that day as a landscaper wearing his “grubs” and not being recognized by the client. “But I don’t usually do that; it was a special case when a landscaping job needed to be done quickly and none of my subcontractors were available.”

Darwent also showed a stack of client testimonials, many of which were along the lines of: “love the painter you sent us. Thanks from Sandra”

CondoCare Services

Geoffrey Darwent in front of a property managed by CondoCare
Photo: ©John Symon

Caption: Geoffrey Darwent in front of a property managed by CondoCare
Photo: ©John Symon

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