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Google Canada honours Québec artist Marcelle Ferron


On September 7th, 2019, Google Canada honours Québec artist Marcelle Ferron with a Google Doodle.

Today, Google celebrates one of the greatest female artists of Canada, Marcelle Ferron (1924-2001). The French Canadian artist is famous for her huge stained glass installations integrated into the architecture of Montréal, and now she is lighting up the Google homepages of Canadians across the country. 

Ferron’s art graces the cityscape of Montreal— from Champ-de-Mars and Vendôme metro stations in Montréal to courthouses and museums across the province, of her work has made it’s mark on the Canadian landscape. 

Marcelle Ferron art

About Marcelle Ferron Art

Marcelle Ferron, part of the Quebec Automatist artist group, and Member of the Royal Canadian Academy, brought more than her unique style of abstract stained glass to the Canadian artscape, she also innovated techniques for creating stained glass artworks which could better withstand our Canadian climates.

With the Pixel, Google wants to show you that cell phone cameras can do a lot more than take selfies – they can be a gateway to art and culture. They can open your eyes to the world around you.

Have you ever visited Montréal and stood in the beautiful, colourful pools of light at Métro Champs-de-Mars wondering, who is behind this joyous stained glass? Well, turn on your Google Lens and point your Pixel phone and it will tell you the artist was none other than Marcelle Ferron. Your Google Lens will also lead you to more information about Ferron, a map to her art, and more! 

Art and history surround us, but in the modern hustle bustle, we can often lose sight of the beauty and history in our day-to-day. Google Lens wants to open your eyes. 

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