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Heating with oil might be a thing of the past!


Seeing oil trucks deliver heating oil might be a thing of the past! The city of Montreal is considering banning oil-burning furnaces in its municipal housing units and Montreal homes in the near future.

According to a Montreal city report, greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 36% because of oil furnaces been changed for gas or electric furnaces.

There is no question there are better ways of heating buildings, homes in Montreal’s climate. Apparently there is only five to seven percent of homes left in Montreal that still heat with oil furnaces. Most homeowners have already changed their heating system to gas or electric.

The cost of changing a homes furnace from oil to gas or electric is roughly $3,500 and up, plus they are almost 100% efficient costing the homeowner far less money over the year. Depending on the size of your home the conversion will pay for itself in a few years, plus help safe the planet.

There are many other benefits of changing your old oil furnace and oil tank from your home. Here are just a few:

• No more chances of having your home and land contaminated by an oil spill, (most home owners do not have oil spill insurance coverage and could cost the home or building owner up to $250,000 or more to have your soil cleaned after contamination).

• no more oil smell in your home

• help stop greenhouse gas emissions

• Save the building or home owner money


On a personal note, we had our oil furnace removed a few years back. I would have to say it was one of the best home upgrades we have ever done. Now our new furnace is wireless and can be monitored and change our home temperature when we are not even home. Also we ended up saving almost $2000 a year in heating costs.

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