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Kit Motion Inc celebrates 25 years; and can paint almost anything…


Kit Motion is a Montreal-based company that distributes spoilers, mainly to car dealerships. And, for the uninitiated, spoilers are horizontal fins (French: ailerons) installed at the back of cars, supposedly to make them more aerodynamic. Kit Motion prides itself in customer satisfaction and in quick turnaround times between the placing of orders and delivery. The company is now also making use of its cutting-edge painting facilities to expand into painting other items not necessarily related to cars.

kit motion drying room“I bought this company 10 years ago, but it was around for 15 years before that,” explains president Tony De Santis. “And the reason people want spoilers is for the cosmetic look. Spoilers can make your car look like it’s worth thousands more than you paid for it. I put one on my mother’s Tercel and she was thrilled.”

“We have about 300-400 different models in stock,” adds Steeve Tardif, the General Manager, adding that each model of car takes a different design of spoiler. “Our stock covers the most popular models of cars going back about 10 years. But on order, we can supply spoilers for most cars from the 1990s.”

Kit Motion primarily sells business-to-business with car dealerships being their main clientele. “Occasionally, a customer actually walks in off the street to order a spoiler,” jokes De Santis. “Apart from that we sell to dealerships and most do their own installation. We cover all of Canada, but most of our business is in Quebec.”

The raw spoilers are manufactured elsewhere and stored at Kit Motion. When an order comes in, workers match the car model (including the number of doors, etc) with a spoiler and a computerized system makes sure that the paint colour matches perfectly. Within 24 to 48 hours, the spoilers are sanded, painted, dried, buffed, and shipped.

kit motion warehouseOn a tour of their 12,000 square foot facilities in TMR’s industrial park, De Santis and Tardif showed off their painting operations. “We use water-based paints here; that is above-and-beyond what is required by law. Water-based paints need a longer drying process, and it’s a higher-cost process, but our company strives to be conscientious and proactive.”

Solvent-based paints, which contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can be a significant source of air pollution. Current legislation requires that companies use low VOC solvent paints, but Kit Motion has gone a step further, by switching to water-based paint in 2010.

The work orders are quite seasonal, with the majority of spoilers being prepared and shipped during the summer months versus a smaller volume during winter months. “To keep employees busy, we are now starting to paint other products, car parts, air conditioner casings, or whatever. This is outside our core business,” says De Santis.

“Applications for our painting services can be in many different industries,” adds Tardif. “This could be in aerospace, film, special piping, furniture, bicycle manufacturing, transportation, component parts, etc. The limiting factor for what they can handle is the size of the painting and drying rooms. Currently, we can handle objects up to about the size of golf carts.”

Tardif strives to point out that Kit Motion has gained considerable expertise with spoiler installation techniques that prevents rust problems for vehicles on Quebec roads. “We’re very aware of our dealers’ Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and have not heard any complaints in many years.”

Kit Motion Inc

8180 Montview Rd

Town of Mount Royal (TMR)

H4P 2L7

514.736.0800 / 1.877.566.8466


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