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Mandy’s – “Made with Love in Montreal”


Salad and soup anyone?  Why yes…at Mandy’s!


As a vegetarian, I am always game to try places that cater to me – and I especially enjoy those that do so in an imaginative, creative way.  In other words, not just slapping a bowl of lettuce and tomato in front of me.


Mandy’s hits the bill bang on!  With three locations, Sherbrooke, Laurier and Crescent, you can’t miss out on it. On Crescent Street – the vibe is very open, clean and country style, with baskets of extras such aschips and popcorn, two large tables to sit around (Hey, you never know who you’ll meet!), a banquette, a cozy two seater, and just about the best salads and soups you’ll find anywhere in this city. There’s also a terrace that has tables for two and four at both the downtown and Westmount spots.


Inside Mandy's WestmountHow’s it doing?  When I was at Crescent Street, there was a line up to get in.  And another line up during lunch the following week. The Westmount venue was also full but it is much smaller. That tells you two things; there is a need in Montreal for restaurants to serve fresh, healthy meals that veer from the heavy, meat laden plates and…that people are changing their lifestyles. Meat and potatoes aren’t always the way to go now. At least for every meal! Although, there is a sirloin salad and a lobster salad on the menu.


Mandy’s was designed for just about anyone looking for a healthy meal and on Crescent Street, caters to everyone from students and tourists, to business people. Westmount is more relaxed and resident oriented. On Crescent, the salads are served in huge, colourful bowls, in Westmount, in plastic containers but the contents are equally mouth watering!


Mandy's in WestmountFor those who don’t know what they want, you can order a gourmet salad directly off the menu. My favourites are Wolfe Bol (arugula, brown rice, kale, cherry tomatoes, toasted walnuts, avocado, shaved parmesan, shredded carrot and sesame seeds), at $10.99 and Asian (romaine lettuce, mixed greens, avocado, crunchy noodles, mandarin oranges, cherry tomatoes, toasted sesame seeds), at $8.99..


Or you can get creative and make your own salad – from the lettuce, grains, cheese and veggies, to the proteins (chicken, turkey, beef, tofu, tuna and eggs), Mandy’s delivers beautifully with salads that are absolutelyscrumptious. You’ll also find Mandy’s drinks and Mandy’s popcorn for an added treat.


Mandy's Crescent StreetSoups?  Oyyy…Taj, a homemade broth with curry, lentils, chick peas, cauliflower, onions and fresh cilantro. There’s the Lotus, with coconut bouillon, diced red pepper, mushrooms, brown rice, quinoa, throw in some shredded basil, scallion and cilantro leaves and you’re in heaven, especially on a cold winter’s day! As with the salads, you can build your own soup!  The choices of grains and veggies are ample.


You can also order to take out at Mandy’s, which is especially beneficial in the downtown core for all the office people.


And on a hot, humid day…a salad at Mandy’sis just what the doctor ordered!




5033 Sherbrooke West Westmount Quebec. H4A 1S8
(514) 227-1640


201 Avenue Laurier West
Montreal, Quebec. H2T 2N9
(514) 670-7820


2067 Rue Crescent, Montréal, QC H3G 2C1
(514) 419-0779


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