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Monthly Puppy Meet Up


Dogs – Week-ends are for relaxing and taking time out for yourself after a busy week of studying and working. Some people enjoy going to the gym, seeing friends, having a massage or going for a walk, whatever you like, there are endless ways to have some quality down time in Montreal. One way which I love to take time out is having some puppy time. Now, this might sound a little crazy, but being around dogs can be very therapeutic when you’re on a busy schedule. Not everyone is able to accommodate for a dog in their apartment, or they might just not have the time, so this option of a puppy meet up every month is a great way for you to get your fix !


Doggy Café Meet Up
Doggy Café Meet Up


Every first Saturday of each month, from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm, the Doggy Café is organising a puppy meet up. The event is of course open to anyone with a puppy but also to those, who, like me, just want a bit of puppy love ! The event is great for new dog owners who want their puppies to socialise and mingle with others. The doggy café is a vegan and vegetarian establishment, with lots of delicious options for lunch and snacks. For more information about the puppy meet ups, click here.


Doggy Café Meet Up
Doggy Café Meet Up


Elsa Maret - mtltimes.ca
Elsa Maret – mtltimes.ca
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