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Lisette L Montreal – Five years later


The last time I spoke to Lisette Limoges, founder and creator of Lisette L Montreal, Oprah and many other celebrities were raving about her perfect pants. Some things have changed since then, but the pants still fit like a dream in a bigger and better way!

I asked the designer how she and her company have changed within the last five years and she explained that those few years ago she was travelling a lot more. “It was about connecting and meeting these well-known people,” Limoges explains. Right now, she and the brand are focused on meeting owners of boutiques that carry her designs rather than connect with celebrities who are wearing them.

The celebrity wow factor does come in handy. “They do give me ideas and advice,” she says. “Martha Stewart once suggested I design a jacket similar to the one she was wearing. She kept saying that everyone compliments her jacket and that it would be a good design for Lisette L Montreal.”

The reasons for travelling aren’t the same as they were five years ago. Limoges is travelling to see new trends across the pond including Europe. Customers will also notice different fabrics, textures and designs. “We’re evolving. The quality is always the same but the textures might be different to suit different people. By using these different fabrics we’re reaching a wider audience, from the younger to the more mature,” she describes.

Lisette L Montreal’s signature pants are still as snug and form-fitting as before, but with a twist. Not afraid to take her brand to the next step, Limoges has included animal prints and accents to her clothing for that extra kick in the industry. Their look has also gotten a revamp thanks to the European markets. The inspiration may come from the fashion-forward continent but the inspiration still comes from the people of her hometown.

Denim designs are also new to the household name and this has exploded because of the fit. It’s still a pull-on pant with tummy control. “You fit the pants, you fit the jeans!” There’s a lot of jeans out there but it’s very hard to find the right fit… until you try on a pair at Lisette L Montreal.

“Everyone has a black pair of pants, but how good are you feeling in them?” A question I unfortunately knew the answer to. A good black pair of pants is hard to find! Limoges is working with a lot of black and navy fabrics lately so every woman has the perfect pant that can go from day to evening with a simple sweater swap.

Limoges differentiates from other Montreal designers because she meets with the customers to see what they want. The boutiques selling her clothing aren’t in direct competition with the brand as Lisette L does not offer online shopping on their website. “I’m here to help promote them, the boutique owners,” she explains. “These commitments take time and that’s something that’s important to me.”

Sports is also important to Limoges. Her company sponsored the WTA tennis tournament for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017. They sponsored the tennis players party which shed a new light on her sports line and the infamous “skort” every lady must own.

Lisette L Montreal is here for the long run. With markets recently opening in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, this homegrown brand is looking for one thing: longevity in a dog eat dog industry. “If you hear the name, I want that name to be associated with my pants that are made here in Canada and I want to try as much as possible to continue developing my brand in Canada,” Limoges says.

By: Alyssa de Rosa – info@mtltimes.ca
Montreal Times – 25.01 September 14, 2019

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