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The best crew cut examples; An excellent option for modern guys


Crew Cuts Ideas for Modern Men

modern day crew cuts

Selecting a particular cut over the other is not always an easy thing; however, it is practical. A crew cut is a subtly simple tapered haircut, with the hair at the top cut short, and the rest of the manes cut very short. It looks great on all complexions and face shapes, and that is why you will see most men rocking them everywhere. The crew haircuts are not only beautiful, but they are easy to maintain. They offer you both worlds.

They can give an illusion of a more mature face, and the great thing is that they have something about them that shows athleticism and confidence. Crew haircut can also be worn for various occasions, both formal and casual. Hence it is the best haircut to choose for men looking to balance their looks and practicability. The fact that you don’t need a lot of hair to style a crew cut means that you can begin from anywhere; click here to get a pair of professional hairdressing scissors to get started.As long as you have some hair, you are all set to go. Even guys with retreating hairline can rock this haircut and appear superb. Let’s check out some of the classic styles we have this year.

  1. Curly Crew Cut.

If you have naturally curly hair and you want to rock crew haircut, this is the best-curled hairstyle to consider. It is clean and easy to maintain haircut that will rock your looks. Try it out.

modern day crew cuts

  1. Slicked Haircut with Line.

A straightforward way to take any haircut to the next level is by creating a line into the top on either side. In this mens haircut, like on on Pinterest, the hair is dishevelled and side-slicked.

  1. Plain Cut.

You don’t have to keep your cut to look so complicated. A natural and complete haircut with a subtle taper on either side is all you need to rock this style.

  1. Fuzzy Haircut.

If you want to rock an excellent all bed-head shagginess, then you may want to opt for this textured crew haircut. It doesn’t need a lot of effort to style, and you will be surprised by the results after styling it. It is the real deal.

  1. Short Ivy League.

This is another classic take on cuts. This is the best cut for professionals. So, if you are an office man, here comes your best style.

  1. Textured Cut.

This is yet another classic variation on crew cut. You can achieve it easily using a little gel on your hands to get the needed texture. It is an excellent haircut for guys with a receding hairline. It seems you got your style men.

  1. Clean Haircut.

This clean haircut incorporates clean lines and subtly-slicked hair to give you tidy and youthful results. Sincerely speaking, this haircut can be work in the office as well as in a football pitch.

  1. Simple Cut.

This is another tidy and effortless to style haircut. It suits almost all face shapes. Even though this is a short hairstyle, it still features a textured top — great style for you to try this year.

  1. Uniform Haircut.

This is the best hairstyle to rock if you need a haircut that will go from office to evening clubbing. It is short, professional and commands some respect. So, you can style it to work or even school. It is an excellent hairstyle you should choose.

modern day crew cuts

  1. Tousled Crew Haircut.

Who said all crew haircuts should always be short and tidy? No, it doesn’t have to be. For instance, this haircut is teased up and styled much extended compared to the other crew haircuts. However, it is not extra messy, so it may not be the best one for school goers.

  1. Straightforward Faux Hawk.

This haircut shows that faux hawks can be light and modern. We admire the fact that this faux hawk is maintained short and hair brushed straight. It provides a unique take on the common crew styles.

  1. Skin Fade Haircut.

This hairstyle is quite appealing, thanks to the subtle motion provided by the texture of the manes. It features tidy faded sides and slight line up that makes this haircut look casual. However, with little application of the gel, you can rock it on official occasions.

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