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Why Are Montreal Gas Prices Higher Than Anywhere Else?


​Montreal Gas Prices – Why do Montrealers always seem to be paying more for gas than anywhere else in Canada? This week’s increases are being blamed on the storm in Texas, which industry experts say has affected millions of barrels of refining capacity per day in the US – and the ability to export gas and diesel to countries, like Canada.
​Before Hurricane Harvey even made landfall, devastating Houston and other parts of the state, experts predicted a sharp rise at the pumps. By Thursday morning prices jumped 10 cents to $1.27 per litre – and by Friday morning it was up to $1.34 per litre in several locations across the island. That’s an average 17 cent hike in just two days. But why? Even in Houston gas prices only went up to what is equal to about 7 cents per litre here.
​They say there is no price fixing, but even without Hurricane Harvey, a long weekend was coming up – and like usual, so was an unexplained hike in prices expected across the island. And once again Montrealers are paying more for gas than just about anywhere else.
​Part of it also has to do with the excessive taxes we pay here. At the pumps, we not only pay a Federal excise tax, Provincial fuel tax and Public transportation tax, but also GST and PST – which could add up to over 40% more paid per litre of gas. See the chart with this article comparing Montreal to other cities across the country.
​From price fixing to added taxes… how do you feel about this? Is it time to stand up against getting gouged at the pumps?

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