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Quebec adopts new liquor laws


Quebec adopts new liquor laws – It will soon be easier to be served alcohol in restaurants and bars as well as easier to buy it in stores. Bill 170 was adopted by Quebec’s National Assembly earlier this month, amending sections of our liquor laws.

When the amendments come into force, restaurant customers will no longer be forced to eat if they want to order alcoholic beverages. And children will be allowed, accompanied by an adult, to enter onto bar terraces–where liquor is served–until 10 pm, but just not permitted to drink.

Drinking will now also be allowed in communal areas of hotels; depanneurs and other stores will be allowed to sell liquor starting at 7 am. Restaurants will conditionally be allowed to deliver alcohol.

Bars and restaurants will soon be allowed to mix drinks in advance if they are expecting a rush of customers; caterers will be allowed to sell alcohol; and bars will be allowed to stay open until 4 am, although not allowed to serve alcohol after 3 am.

Together with this loosening of liquor laws, owners of bars, hotels, and restaurants must complete a course on how to serve liquor safely. Some of these above amendments are expected to take effect on July 1, with others to be announced in coming weeks.

Apparently, part of the motivation for loosening liquor laws in Quebec comes from newly-passed federal legislation decriminalizing marijuana, but that law has also not yet taken effect.

By: John Symon – info@mtltimes.ca
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