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Volunteers give wings to Sun Youth!


Sun Youth has always been synonymous with volunteers. The organization was started in 1954 by a group of youngsters who volunteered their time and efforts to organize sports activities for the disadvantaged youth in their neighbourhood. 60 years later volunteers are still an integral part of Sun Youth and together they bring an invaluable contribution to the organization. From sorting donations and preparing food baskets, coaching and supporting the organization’s sports teams, greeting and serving users of the food bank, to managing the organization through its Board of Directors, they truly are Sun Youth’s backbone.

To thank them for their outstanding involvement, Sun Youth organized a special recognition day on April 17th as part of the National Volunteer Week (April 6th to 12th) . It all started with a succulent dinner at the restaurant after which the whole crew departed for Montreal’s Botanical Garden to visit the Butterflies Go Free exhibit. In a wondrous setting, volunteers were able to observe various species of butterflies flying freely around them or landing on their shoulder for a pit-stop. A much-enjoyed experience by all participants! This specific outing was selected by Sun Youth to emphasize the fact that volunteers are instrumental to the organization’s ability to care for the community. In the cocoon of the St-Urbain Street charity, they work their magic and give wings to the organization, allowing it to take flight and sore ever-higher.

Sun Youth would like to thank its many volunteers for what they are bringing to the organization. People interested in volunteering can contact Dana Foster, Sun Youth’s Coordinator of Volunteers, at 514-842-6822 or through email at the following address: bvt@sunyouthorg.com.


Some of Sun Youth’s regular volunteers at the Botanical Garden’s Butterly Go Free exhibit, a visit organized by the organization to thank these wonderful people for their outstanding contribution. Photo: Nicolas Carpentier.

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