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West-End Gym: spacious and friendly


A great place to work out at a great price

West-End Gym in Cote Saint Luc is the largest gym and family fitness centre in Montreal’s West End (Cote St Luc, NDG, Westmount, Hampstead, Montreal West). It is also a friendly place to get into shape, welcoming people from all walks of life; this is why it is celebrating 40 years in business. Located underneath Cote St Luc Mall, the facility boasts some 31,000 square feet and is fully air-conditioned with ample free parking.

West End Gym 564“We not only have a lot of room here, we also have some top quality strength machines,” explains owner Dennis Ambalapady. “We have such brand names as – Atlantis, Hammer Strength, Cybex and Hoist. Among cardio machines, we have Precor (treadmills) and Matrix (ClimbMill and bikes and elliptical machines). And yes, we have TV screens by the machines.”

Fitness programs at the West End include: weight training; personal training; yoga;  aerobics; sambo; Zumba;  Afro Caribbean; hi-lo; and boot camp. There are also martial arts (Shotokan Karate,  Kudoki Kung-Fu and Kajukenbo) offered, but these not included with the basic membership fee. Ballet classes are also held here.

The demographics at West-End Gym range in age from 15 to 88, and the gender mix is now perhaps 65% female. Members here must be at least 15 years old, a decision made by West End management.

In terms of trends within the fitness market, Ambalapady says that there is now recognition that “it is important to focus on the mind, not just the body. Cardiovascular and core training are becoming popular, as well as self awareness. Injury prevention and cross training are also popular in an effort to keep our bodies balanced. It is important not only to extend our life expectancies, but to ensure we have quality of life during those extra years.”

The rationale for joining a gym is succinctly stated by Ambalapady. “By the time your doctor says you better get into shape, it is usually too late. Prevention is better than a cure and it is easy to justify an investment in your health. An annual membership here costs less than what many people spend on recreation over a weekend.”

Facilities at West End include spacious locker rooms with dry saunas. There is also a juice bar where customers can grab refreshments before or after sessions.

“Customers get a lot of value here; we’re very competitive,” notes Ambalapady. “We offer the same instructors that some competing gyms do, but our memberships usually cost less. Our staff is well-qualified with as well as being Knowledgeable and friendly. They are part of the reason why customers think of West-End Gym as part of the community. Sometimes customers might leave, but they invariably come back again.”

“In April we usually offer summer specials. We also have coupons for free visits for two people as can be found in our ad in The Montreal Times.”

West-End Gym

7025 Côte St Luc Rd, CSL, H4V 1J2

514.489.6879  www.westendgym.ca

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