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Pte Claire Pioneer Demolition Notice Meeting


Pioneer Demolition Notice Meeting – On Thursday August 9th 2018, the City of Pointe Claire will be holding a meeting at 7:30 pm at the Holiday Suites & Inn Pointe Claire (6700 Trans-Canada Highway). The Demolition Committee will be ‘considering an application for a demolition permit and a program for the reutilization of the land’.

City council has approved the sale of the Pioneer and a parking lot to Koebra Development Corp. for a reported $730,000. The corporation has plans for a condo/townhouse development, with commercial storefronts and an underground parking lot. Many residents have been fiercely opposed to the project, feeling the decision would ruin the face of the village and change its charm.

A notice was issued by the city on July 18th and any person who wanted to oppose the issuance of the permit had to do so in writing within 10 days of the original notice – but even though the deadline passed on June 27th at noon, there continues to be strong opposition to the project.

Close to 4,000 citizens (and counting) have signed petitions to halt the demolition of the historic building – and on August 5th, ‘Save Le Pionnier’, a Facebook group created to help save the Pioneer, launched a ‘Letter Writing Campaign’, perpetuating their efforts with the letters being sent to the Demolition Committee. Many residents are expected to attend the meeting on August 9th, although far less than what might have been expected – as the city has questionably put out the notice and is holding the meeting during the main vacation period of the summer when many are away.

The Pioneer building has been through several incarnations over the years and needs work, but it has been an iconic presence in the village since the early 1900’s. In 1979 it became the Pioneer, then they changed the name to Clyde’s and back to the Pioneer in 2011. On July 21st 2018 they held a big party before officially closing their doors.
The Montreal Times will continue to follow the story and keep you updated. For further information go to: www.pointe-claire.ca/en/demolition-committee

Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca
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