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Amuse Me: A Play About Freedom & Challenges


Art – Written by Laurent McCuaig-Pitre, directed by Rahul Gandhi and presented by Tantalus, Amuse Me is above anything, a story about freedom and challenges. The play pushes the boundaries of storytelling, its relationship with space and tackles difficult conversions about societal issues minorities face today. The play tells the story of a deadbeat writer, John Doe, who will do anything to harness Muse’s “lucrative creative potential”. The play raises questions about how creativity can either be used, consumed or controlled and wether freedom is the catalyst for artistic expression.



Amuse Me
Amuse Me written by Laurent McCuaig-Pitre


The play will be held at The Freestanding Room on Boulevard Saint-Laurent and will start today, December 9th 2017 and will end Saturday December 17th. General admission tickets are sold for 15.00$ and if you’re a student or an artist, tickets are sold for 12.00$. To purchase your tickets now, either click here to access the website or purchase one at the door. Make sure to book your tickets and arrive early enough, as seating is limited. After each play, join the cast and the team for drinks and a conversation about Amuse Me. Click here to view their official Facebook event.




Here is a list of all the dates and times for the upcoming performances of Amuse Me:

Thursday December 7th: 8:00 pm
Friday December 8th: 8:00 pm
Saturday December 9th: 4:00 pm & 8:00 pm
Sunday December 10th: 8:00 pm
Thursday December 14th: 8:00 pm
Friday December 15th: 8:00 pm
Saturday December 16th: 4:00 pm & 8:00 pm
Sunday December 17th: 8:00 pm


By: Elsa-Maret- mtltimes.ca
By: Elsa-Maret- mtltimes.ca
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