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Erotic Art Fair to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Art Fair – Just in time for Valentine’s Day or any other celebrations you might, Montreal is hosting an erotic art fair market on the 14th of February. Plenty of paintings, comics, illustrations, zines, candles, drawings, photos and much more will be available for viewing during this unique evening. If you’re looking for an unusual way to celebrate your love for one an other, attend this fair to be moved, surprised and inspired by the erotic art displayed.


Erotic Art Fair
Erotic Art Fair


This will be the first edition of Erotic Art Market and it aims to bring together local artists over the theme of eroticism, to establish a dialogue around this stereotyped and avoided. The idea of “desire” in our society today is often regarded as inappropriate and is usually restrained in its freedom of expression. By joining Erotic Art Market, you’ll be taking part in a movement to help break these taboos and approach eroticism in a sensible, conscious and sensual way. The event will take place from 6:00 pm until midnight in Villeray. For more information and to stay up to date with the event, click here to access the official Facebook event.


Erotic Art Fair
Erotic Art Fair


By: Elsa-Maret- mtltimes.ca
By: Elsa-Maret- mtltimes.ca


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