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Salvador Dali SPACE ELEPHANT to leave Griffintown, Montreal


Salvador Dali SPACE ELEPHANT – What has become known as the “Friendly Giant” of the South-West community, Salvador Dali’s Space Elephant is set to leave to another country mid-July. It is located across the street from Galerie Griffintown.

Salvador Dali SPACE ELEPHANT in Griffintown Montreal and is for sale and valued at $3.6 million.

The Space Elephant embodies the Dalinian symbol that was born in 1946 when the artist painted one of his most famous pictures, ‘The Temptation of St. Anthony’. Dalí created the image of an elephant in the Egyptian desert carrying an obelisk, a symbol of the presence and progress of technology in the modern world. Four elephants stand on spider like legs of desire, and offer art, beauty, power, pleasure and knowledge. For this sculpture, based on the elephants in the painting, Dalí maintains the almost invisible spindle like legs emphasizing the contrast between robustness and fragility, and contrasting the idea of weightlessness with structure. This fantastically surreal creature, moving through space towards the heavens, symbolizes a flight of fantasy to a mesmerizing and surrealistic universe.

Salvador Dalí turned to sculpture as he felt it was the most complete way to express his inspired and otherworldly Surrealist visions. Constrained by the limitations of a flat canvas, Dalí’s creativity peaked when given the freedom of three-dimensional form.

Standing at 24 feet, the towering sculpture is part of a series of four artist-proofs and eight lost wax castings. This is the fourth of the eight castings. It is worth $3.6 million CAD and is for sale.

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