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Local comic Mike Paterson to headline at Wheel Club


During his first seven years as a stand-up comic, Montrealer Mike Paterson was regarded by his fellow comics as an alternative comedian.

“I am not an alternative comedian. I am more like a high energy performance comedian,” he adamantly stated. “I am also a big wrestling fan, so think of my comedy as Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan and Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage telling jokes, but I don’t get hurt as much.”

Mike has practiced his brand of “high energy performance comedy” for over 15 years in both English and French at the Just For Laughs festival (where he has hosted his own series of outdoor shows over the past three years), touring in clubs across the province, on TV and movies (CBC’s “Edible Incredible” and “Confessions of A Dangerous Mind”, to name a few), and as one of the toy voices in the Quebecois version of Disney’s “Toy Story 4”. 

On November 2, Mike will exhibit his trademark jocular, manic style of comedy with a one-night-only solo show at the Wheel Club, located at 3373 Cavendish Boulevard.

Mike Paterson
Mike Paterson is performing a one-night-only solo show at the Wheel Club, located at 3373 Cavendish Boulevard.

“I like the Wheel Club, especially its country music vibe,” he said. “The first time I performed there was with seven other comics who were basically opening acts, and they constantly made fun of the club. When I went onstage and did my first couple of jokes, I immediately liked the place. Afterwards I told the other comics who were badmouthing the place that when they start going on the road and perform in nothing but roadhouse-type of clubs, they will all look just like the Wheel Club.”

Mike’s performing roots began at Dawson College, where he graduated from its professional theatre program. From there, he began to write and produce his own original stage plays. “However, it got to the point where I couldn’t afford renting a theatre space to present my plays, so I went to the Stornaway Gallery and built a stage there for that purpose,” he said. “A lot of local comedians like Ryan Wilner, Pete Johanson and Jennifer Finnegan were starting to come by the gallery to see my plays, and asked me if I wanted to become part of a comedy show they were putting together. It started with sketch comedy, then it evolved into stand-up comedy, and I started to do a lot of open mic nights.”

“Stand-up comedy is a weird thing. It’s like an autobiographical art form that other people do. But when it comes to comedy, I do what I feel. There was one time that several veteran comics like David Acer and Neil Janna were actually giving me punchlines, so I could tell a few jokes in my act,” he added.

As well, Mike is currently filming in Montreal a six-episode sitcom for Fox called “The Moodys” that stars Denis Leary and Elizabeth Perkins, and is an American reboot of a sitcom that was a big hit when it originally aired in Australia.

“This is a Christmas sitcom event that is very funny and I hope it becomes an annual TV holiday tradition like ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’,” he said. “I play a handyman who renovates the Moodys’ bathroom for so long, that I practically become a member of the family.”

And Mike continues to tour Quebec with his comedy show. “I’m soon going to tour in northern Quebec with my French show, where one of my stops is a microbrewery, where I plan to rock out this place. This is an example of what my career is coming to,” he said jokingly.

Tickets for Mike Paterson’s November 2 show at the Wheel Club cost $20 in advance or $25 at the door (and one free drink is included in the price of each ticket). To buy your tickets in advance, go to www.eventbrite.ca.

By: Stuart Nulman – info@mtltimes.ca

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