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Drunk Girl at Montreal Fringe 2018


Comedy – Part theatre performance and part storytelling, Drunk Girl explores  the intimacy, tenacity, celebration and terror of women who drink. Performer Thea Fitz-James analyses what people say about drunk girls, her own drinking, and family rituals. She asks, through 2 enigmatic characters, why so many smart, high-achieving women seem to love a drink or 10. Drunk Girl is that moment when the party takes a turn, but it’s too late to leave: we’re implicated now, caught in a rollercoaster of calorie-counting keg parties, false feminisms, denial and love. Thea Fitz-James will be performing her outrageously funny comedy show during the Montreal 2018 Fringe Festival this Summer, so look out for her !


Photo taken by Dahlia Katz
Photo Taken by Dahlia Katz


The entire show is written and performed by Thea Fitz-James and is directed by Shanda Bezic. Drunk Girl was nominated for the Best Theatre Award at Fringe WORLD 2017 and has received outstanding reviews. The Australia Times describes Thea Fitz-James as “{Having a} cleverly curated thesis… she has the audience eating out of the palm of her hand the whole way through”, and Vue Weekly finds that “Thea Fitz-James is an effortless and clever storyteller, instantly connecting with her audience thanks to her confident, intelligent, and familiar energy on stage”. You definitely will not want to miss out on this comedy gig. Drunk Girl will be on at the Sainte-Catherine Theatre Café-Bar on Thursday June 14th at 10:45 pm and Saturday June 16th at 5:45 pm. Find your tickets here.


Thea Fitz-James performing Drunk Girl
Thea Fitz-James performing Drunk Girl


Elsa Maret - mtltimes.ca
Elsa Maret – mtltimes.ca
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