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How To: Be Festival Fashion Ready


By Alyssa De Rosa – Montreal Times

The warm weather usually signifies a variety of things: terrace openings, unlimited sangria pitchers, outdoor sports, marathons and of course outdoor music festivals. Festivals usually require a lot of sunscreen and/or tanning oil, comfy sneakers and the perfect outfit! If you’re heading to Osheaga, Ile Soniq, Escapade (in Ottawa), or any other festival in the city or across the pond here’s my guide to looking chic and feeling comfortable.


First thing’s first, you want to invest in a good pair of shoes since you’ll be dancing the days and nights away. So, I recommend a cute pair of slip-on sneakers such as; Keds, Converse, Vans or some comfortable sandals that have a thick enough sole to support your back but still look sexy on your newly-pedicured feet. As for the men, stick to high-top sneakers or Converse. You can’t go wrong.


Women, there are tons of options during festival season. Florals are never dead when it comes to dancing around in a vast space, grooving to the coolest beats. Floral rompers, floral head pieces, floral bras and shorts are all perfect pieces to invest in. Secondly, don’t be afraid to show some skin. Let those crop tops breathe and see the sun and pair it with some edgy, ripped jean shorts.

Thirdly, band T’s and printed T’s are definitely worth the bucks.

Finally, fringes and Kimono’s never looked so good under the sun. Grab a fringe leather jacket to add some spice to your outfit or invest in a Kimono cause they are just cool, period.

Hello boys, so here’s what I think you should be investing in. A cool pair of jean shorts never hurt anyone, especially when they are paired with a crisp, white tank or T-Shirt.

Secondly, band T’s and printed T’s fit the bill for you too. Rummage through your closet for that grungy-looking Nirvana sweater cause’ the ladies will love it!


Ladies, there aren’t many fashion rules when it comes to festivals, so bring out the floral head pieces, the beads, hair jewelry, big and bright rings and bangle bracelets. Don’t forget to rock epic shades – the brighter and odder shaped they are, the cooler you’ll look. You too, gentlemen!

To add a little more swag and sophistication to your look, pick up a hat – a fedora, an embellished baseball cap, or a Pharrel replica of Smokey the Bear’s hat (just kidding!) don’t do that!

Lastly, have fun with your outfit and don’t be afraid to go a little wild. Summer is about being free, colorful, and fashion-forward so wear pieces you wouldn’t usually wear on a girl’s night out or a date. Happy dancing everyone!

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