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All You Need To Know Before OSHEAGA [Detailed Schedule + New Site ]


Osheagians get ready !  The countdown for one of North America best music festival is running low !! In less than two week, Osheaga will take over l’Ile Notre-Dame, reuniting over 100 artists for a intense and condensed 3 days of music. Yes, we have reached that point of the summer where St-Lambert residents are going to complain about loud noise for 3 weekends in a row – But it’s hands down Osheaga whose echoes will impact and resonate the most trough the city streets and nightlife’s.

Overall, about 135 00 fans usually attend one of the city most awaited festival – 45 000 attendees a days – 70 per cent of whom are travelling from outside of the province. The restaurants and hotels are about to get full vacancy!

At this point, Montreal’s own unique indie-blend festival is now pretty much considered an institution ! Since it’s beginning in 2006, the festival hasn’t stopped growing, affirming itself as one of the world’s most successful music festivals.  Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Eminem, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Johnson,The Killers, The Cure, Jack White, Black keys and Snoop Dogg are amongst a fraction of the international artist who’ve blessed the stage to enhance that reputation !

Osheaga’s line up used to featured prominently guitar band and alt rock with only a few dance and hip-hop artist. But Osheaga has since diversified considerably, adding generously multiples electronic act, pop and rapper !

“We looked at some negative feedback that we got last year, that there was not enough hip hop and not enough rock, and we made sure it was as balanced as possible.” said Osheaga director Nick Farkas in a interview with the Montreal Gazette back when the line-up released

Once again Osheaga is back with a strong and solid eclectic line-up

Here the line up for Osheaga 13th edition, happening on august 3rd -4th and 5th

This year line-up isn’t without nostalgia for the adepts who already seen some of the artist and headliner presented. Sure, it might feel déjà vue for the regular’s, but the festival Line up is far from weak and is presenting a considerable amount of little hidden gem you should know about.

Florence & The Machine is returning after stealing the show in 2015 with her insane energy on stage. The incredibly talented singer was literally angelic that year jumping and dancing everywhere barefoot – She also made her mark with a standout performance in 2012 in the earlier days of the festival.  Florence will headline Sunday, August 5 –  at 9:20 pm on Scène de la rivère Bell -The date is Florence’s first concert in North American since the release of her massively acclaimed new album High As Hope. 

The Osheaga Director also add that these are bands who grew and developed alongs the montreal festival climbing the ladder to headlining –  “I consider Portugal. The Man an Osheaga band. I love that they’ve played mid-afternoon sets and been fantastic. Arctic Monkeys, this is the fourth or fifth time they’ve played.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are coming back 10 years later; the National are coming back, and people are still talking about the set they played (eight) years ago.”

That being said, never assume you’ve seen everything of the Osheaga legends and experience’s. In fact, it’s going to feel like a first time experience for most of us, as the festival relocated his original site dues to construction  – A True Montreal Reason –

But nobody’s is complaining about the exciting change of scenery. The Cult location have now been moved near the Montreal casino on the F1 circuit. It looks like one stage will be at the end of the famous “Hairpin” turn with the other main stage across on the inside of the turn. Plenty of seating should be available given the track already has grandstands installed !

“There’s no place wide enough to put those stages side by side and get the capacity we wanted,” said Osheaga founder Nick Farkas, adding the festival will host the same number of people as in previous years..”Many of Osheaga’s six stages will be closer together, “so there will be less walking on the site itself.”

Discover the New site

With the festival finally releasing the Detailed Schedule earlier this week, the hardest task is now up ahead. No suprise, there’s too much good talent to dance with and to much playing at the same time – We can already see all the conflicts you and your friend are debating -But don’t worry, we got your back !

We came up with a quick all-you-need-to-know guide to help your decision and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the must see acts this years. We definitely been trough that Post Osheaga depression and the FOMO feeling of reading about it afterward.


First, take a look at the detailed schedule 


Personalize your own schedule with the festival official App or Website – but before you make your schedule to promptly or too rigid yet, check out our list of favourites bands you Need to know about before heading to osheaga this year!


August 3rd – Day 1 – Travis Scott

First, we highly recommend you make it early to catch Sir Sly at 13:30 –  Since forming in 2012, Sir Sly have forged a strong singular rock-electro identity.  Theirs beat and sound are unique, creative and catchy… this is definitely going to start your weekend with the perfect grooves.

Then head straight to our own very talented Matt Holubowski at 14:05, one of the few very promising local star presented this year.  Although the native of Montreal Hudson community performs predominantly in English, his audience until recently has been almost exclusively francophone, thanks to a 2015 stint on La Voix,  where he made it to the “final four.” His album has stayed for weeks on top of the charts, and has won critical and public acclaim. The songwriter voice and captivating melodies will offer a warm and perfectly executed performance once again. Matt Holubowski is one of those indie artist that will seduce you within the first few song !

Don’t miss out on Alexander O’Connor, better known by his stage name Rex Orange County. The 20 year old songwriter from the UK is already at his second album and it’s all shining with talents and sophisticated musical arrangements. He have an interesting alternative sound that fusion indie, folks and rock with a slight touch of jazz and sweet randomness. His engaging sound is a crowd pleasing guarantees. It will be interesting to see him on stage at 16:55 with his engaging sound and pleasing vibe… He his one of the youngest artist you must discover over the course of the Osheaga weekend.

Cigarettes After Sex might not sound like an exciting band to see in an outdoor venues like Osheaga, but this is a rare occasion to see the elusive and mysterious band in a intriguing set. Their melancholic pop noir sound set in smoke-filled darkness is perfect if you feel for a more mellow rhythms. The band is for fans of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game,” Beach House and the XX

Obviously we know who’s playing at the same time …  Portugal.the man however is definitely one of the more mainstream choices if you’r looking for wild and mega dance floor …  His hit ”Feel It still” is for sure one going to be one of those crazy frenzy crowd momens. Even more exciting is that ”The Man” has countless amount of other energetic track to keep the crowd rolling and rolling. Although he’s been said to have lost some of is uniqueness flirting too close to the mainstream, Portugal. the man is still extremely creative and he his apparently constantly experimenting with his sound and light during his most recent tour – See this Article from Vancouver Weekly – Portugal. The Man shock fans with experimental performance – VancouverWeekly 

Finally, if you don’t feel for some Travis Scott‘s to finish your night. We strongly suggest you check out  James Blakes at Scene Verte – Banque National at 21:45.  Blake is  one of the most intriguing sound for those who haven’t discovered his discography yet – Kanye, Beyoncé, Drake and Frank Ocean have all been inspired by the unassuming Londoner’s sound. You will feel his slow electronic groove gradually get in your bones with his build up and powerful progression . The 6’-6’’ gentle giant is a master of control and minimalistic sounds. His space upbeat and soft unique voice will mesmerize you throughout the show. This is going to be the perfect mood and ambiance for the first Osheaga night !

Here our other favourites band you shouldn’t miss on Friday august 3rd !


August 4th – Day 2 – Arctic Monkeys

LP been writing hits after hits for countless of international superstars, such as Rihana, Cristina Aguilera and Beyonce’s Destiny Child. However, the incredible songstress is at her best on stage. She controls her voice with such mastery and performs with such passion and joy that her live rendition usually goes far beyond the original studio version. LP is one of those well-respected artist who’s reputation and cult-like followers would strongly recommend you see her at least once in your life ! Even thought Alvvays  is also playing at the same time, don’t miss the opportunity to see her Saturday at 16:05 on Scène de la rivière bell 

Next at 16:50 on Scène de la montagne is a underrated gems.  Afie Jurvanen,  isn’t really from the Bahamas. He’s a Finnish-Canadian from Barrie–a working class town in rural Ontario. But his chosen epithet is fitting. Since 2009 he’s been making music under the name Bahamas–writing songs about sunsets, love affairs, and making out with crooked smiles. Through simple arrangements, he does incredibly smooth melody and creates outstanding moods. He’s one of the artist who will surprise you and infect you with his fresh joyful vibe for the entire weekend !

Unfortunately, Kali Uchis will also be performing at the same time.  The grammy nominated Colombian latest album – Isolation– was an unbelievable collaboration that resulted in a genre hopping pop experiences. Kali album is named to best of 2018 list from the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard and Consequence of Sound. Fittingly for the bilingual, bicultural, her album included Spanish-language track “Nuestro Planeta” who features fellow Colombian singer Reykon and rocks a low-key, reggaeton roll; Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins also shared the sunshine on laid-back funk tune “After the Storm. It’s hard to know what to expect of Kali Uchis setlist considering most of her recent materials include feat from other singers, but Kali Uchis will not disapoint you ! In fact, she just unveiled a new video today for a previously unheard acoustic version of ” Dead to me” – 

Shout out for Blondie for still touring at 72 year old, but our attention and focus will be entirely on Allan Rayman at 17:30. The toronto based Singer-songwriter has a sublime raw gritty voice and his authentic irresistible styles blends rocks, R&B and folks in the most mysterious way. His pure passion and powerful percussion jams will simply amazes you !

Hopefully we won’t have to convince you too hard to go see Loud instead of that band with the kid from Netflix’s Stranger Things. His reputation shouldn’t be hard to argue with – Quebec hip hop experts are calling him one of the most talented rapper of the province. He rocked the stage at the Quebec Summer Festival at the start of this month with an epic set that certainly got the crowd going – check our entire FEQ coverage – his album and video both have reccord high views for a montreal rapper.  If you’r going to miss him, please let it be  for Future Island, the well establish American synthpop band.

Last but not least is probably one of the day most important one. It’s the unreal Billie Eilish, the youngest artist performing at osheaga this year – probably of all editions ! The 16 year old – Yes, 16 year old singer is actually overly talented and we’ve barely seen the extent of her creativity and promising universe. She earned everybody respects with her wild mature style, stunning voice and incredible visual.  If this isn’t exciting for you enough, Billie just released a single last week and she does have a song with the amazing Khalid – Who btw will performing hours before Eilish on the stage beside #whosjoiningwho? – Don’t get your hope up but it’s safer to do both show at this points …

The rest of our favourites bands for Saturday 4th of August !
August 5th – Day 3 – Florence & The Machine

We know that sleeping and resting will be tempting after two full Osheaga day, but we must insist that you head there early again for the last day of the festival.  The upcoming american artist Two Feet will take the stage at 14:00. Still very unknown and underground, the new york based artist have this slight touch that makes sexy and attractive rhythms on the like of an acoustic Chet Faker’. Two feet will be one of the early gem to discover that day !

Following Two Feet at 14:45 will be the young and electric Lauv. The multi platinum-selling producer, singer /songwriter career is exploding with the success of his hit single, I like me Better. As an artist Lauv has achieved over a billions stream and have been named ono of Spotify’s global top 100 artists. At 23, his discography already include so many irresistible dancing tunes of indie electro pop with fuses of R&B.

Stay tuned, Because we might get a exclusive glimpse at the independant artist mind with a special interview live on site.

Dua lipa is also a clear evident bet for a highlight this year. Her enormous fan-base will most likely overrun the space and literally go nuts for the  entire pop star set. Rendez-vous at 17:40 on scène de la rivièreHere is her biggest and most successful hits in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year.

Nobody compares to Tash sultana when it comes to performing by herself! We are very blessed to have Tash playing again at 16:55 on la Scène de la montagne. The Musical mastermind is literally a one woman-band. The dynamic artist creates most of her unique and complex songs alone.  She’ll start with a badass guitar riff that she’ll loop using a consoles and than play and sing over it with her brilliant voice.  Tash made a name for herself busking on the streets of Melbourne, selling out shows with no promo and having homemade videos go viral online getting tens of millions of views. Even more impressive, is her obvious passion and energy ! Watching her smile and facial expression through her dancing and movement couldn’t be more engaging and entertaining. Her insane skills never cease to surprise so don’t miss her out !

The National might be a harder listen for some because the dark blunt depressing style might destabilize some. Last performance 8 years ago was one of the most talked and memorable show. Their genius is all in the smart lyricism and elaborate musical harmony. With a style and deep voice that remind a certain Nick Cage, the National are a master of their art and genres. They will grab your attention and make you float in a unforgettable universe for the entire show ! The National are amongst the most mysterious and fascinating band too see live at Osheaga this year !

The last debate is probably a bit bitter for some ! Post Malone will be playing at the same time of Franz Ferdinand at 19:20 

Both show will split the festival goers and the crew in two ! To the credit of Franz Ferdinand, they never had quite the fame they deserve and seeing them live is not something you’ll forget soon. The band has been the leader of the punk-revival waves for almost 20 year now. Truth is you probably already know 1/2 if not 3/4 of theirs hit and a good rock-punk show is always going to get the crowd pump up and rattle – who doesn’t like a good punk show !

Here are the other artists to watch out for the last days of the festival

Don’t miss out the artist who are also performing across the city. For those afraid they won’t have enough music in theirs systems or for anybody who want the full true Osheaga experience’s should consider doing at least one Official Pre-Party or After-Party – Multiples artist who are performing at Osheaga will do private intimate Set across the city –  Check the full list here !


Buy your Osheaga Tickets and Passes here

FYI don’t show up at the door with those item !

Banned items at Osheaga 2018:

  • Outside alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs/drug paraphernalia
  • Glass bottles and/or cans
  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Megaphones
  • Fireworks
  • Musical Instruments (There’s music on the stages, duh!)
  • Flags and banners
  • Beach balls, soccer balls, frisbees, etc.
  • Large sports umbrellas
  • Folding chairs
  • Skateboards
  • Animals (guide dogs are permitted)
  • Camping style and/or large backpacks
  • Laser Pointers
  • Tents
  • Water guns
  • Professional recording equipment – video and audio
  • Firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind
  • Any object that could be used to cause bodily harm
  • Selfie sticks and other monopods
  • Drones
  • Native American headdresses or feather headdresses (Don’t be this person)

Items allowed at Osheaga 2018:

  • One plastic water bottle (water fountains throughout the site)
  • Beach towels and blankets
  • Waterproof ponchos
  • Small umbrellas
  • Smaller backpacks, bags and/or purses (they will be searched)
  • Sunscreen (no flammable aerosol cans)
  • Disposable and digital cameras (no detachable lenses or lenses over 2.5″)
  • Baby strollers

Relive Osheaga 2017 With The Official Recap Video


By Xavier Hebert – info@mtltimes.ca

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