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Montreal/New Music festival (MNM) 2017 takes you BACK TO THE FUTURE


On the occasion of its 50th anniversary the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ) presents details of its 8th edition of the Montreal/New Music (MNM), biennial festival, which will be held from Thursday, February 23rd through Saturday, March 4th

Over 20 concerts, orchestras, diverse ensembles, soloists, an electroacoustic laboratory, conferences, an international colloquium, a New Music Lounge and youth activities youth follow one another over 10 days and 2 weekends, where the singers and the musicians will accompany audiences at events taking place at approximately ten sites in Montreal’s city centre.

With its theme “Back to the Future” the MNM festival will invites audiejces to come along on a  temporal, geographical, imaginary fragmented journey, that is especially and always musical, celebrating a half-century of musical creation.

Moreover, Walter Boudreau, SMCQ Artistic Director specifies: “Above all I wanted the program to be festive. What I have developed is inspired not only by what we have really liked over the past fifty years, but also by what is being created today. ”

Indeed, MNM revisits some works of the repertoire, from past visionaries to composers and founders who have made their mark in the SMCQ’s history. A place also remains for the avant-garde of today and tomorrow, and the proposed program is inspired by the lineage of its  usual eclecticism.

Major concerts including, among others, the project: Six par 6 – featuring six pianos onstage ! – ensembles McGill Percussion Ensemble and Sixtrum, ECM+, Codes d’accès, Standing Wave (Vancouver), Yarn/Wire (New York), CMMAS (Mexico), McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble. Also Jonathan Goldman, mixing the bandeon with electronics, Totem contemporain and its invented instruents, at Christina Petrowska Quilico paying tribute to Michel-Georges Brégent with Portraits romantiques. Not to forget the string quartet marathon of Bozzini, Molinari and Capitano

As always, the festival will have a New Music Lounge (Place-des-Arts) presenting the musical avant-garde through sound creations, invented instruments, acoustic installations, etc., and videos evoking how, 50 years ago, this was imagined as the music of future.

“The works slated for MNM 2017 – each in its own way – demonstrate the ceaseless renewal of the composers, at times featuring some “over the top” works that maintain “the” musical traditions, inherited from a not so distant past. Apart from these temporal explorations, there will be some back and forth in the present as well as several curious looks as to what the “new” future holds in store for us over the next 50 years and more, ” concludes Walter Boudreau.

To see the program visit:

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