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Le Cube Secret 1st anniversary with $1,000 Gold and Silver treasure hunt


Le Cube Secret – Out along Highway 15, where Rue Michelin comes to an end, there’s a closely guarded secret. An entertainment concept that combines quick thinking, keen observation, and an intensive fun workout for your grey matter in an environment totally removed from everyday life. Inside a huge metal cube – a structure like no other – the Le Cube Secret escape game reveals four apartments with amazing decors featuring period pieces, antiques, and images evoking a particular escape room theme. Like Lucky the Mafioso and his 1940s New York underworld. Or the 1970s kitchen where The Kidnapper lurks. An elegant living room housing the collections of The British Colonel. Or the shabby, run-down apartment of a junior police, The Detective. A strange, unique atmosphere pervades the secret cube, no matter what apartment you choose.

Since opening last year, Le Cube Secret has welcomed over 10,000 visitors from all over for thrilling escape room adventures.

The Detective Room

From financier to treasure hunter

Le Cube Secret designer Sylvain Rivard was a treasure hunter of another sort for 15 years before he took up the escape game adventure. After a successful career in finance, Sylvain, a self-taught problem solver and puzzle enthusiast, made a life-altering change, travelling around the world, solving mysteries and competing in treasure hunts. After working tirelessly for close to two years, he and his wife succeeded in opening their own escape room and adventure game centre, presenting fascinating mysteries to an eagerly awaiting public. Sylvain Rivard also creates mystery game designs to order – custom productions for corporate clients and private enthusiasts.

Cube Secret

Le Cube Secret is a sophisticated game offered in both French and English – an imaginary, surrealistic world of elaborate settings, filled with puzzles, traps, and secret doors arranged in apartments built into an enormous metal cube – looming, mysterious, a structure like no other, where a mesmerizing story written by Sylvain Rivard continues from one apartment to the other, allowing you to see links between each of the chapters and apartments in Le Cube Secret, whose four characters are in fact linked over time. In its puzzles and riddles, the Cube speaks to you, and tells the tale of their shared secret that’s yours to discover.

Metallic Cube room

What Le Cube Secret has in store for you

A one-hour long, super-smart, super-stimulating entertainment experience. Each session starts with a short video to help immerse participants in the world of Le Cube Secret. Each player’s chosen escape game lasts 45 minutes. If you enjoy brainstorming, Le Cube Secret is the game for you – an experience you’ll love sharing with family, friends, or co-workers.

Lucky Mafioso room

Special first anniversary treasure hunt!

For its first anniversary, Le Cube Secret offers puzzle lovers and mystery fans a treasure hunt with $1000 in gold and silver coins minted by recognized global issuers. The treasure will be hidden in a chest and buried somewhere inside Laval city limits. The French puzzle leading to the treasure will be unveiled during a ceremony at Le Cube Secret on Saturday, October 13, at 9:00 am sharp. The treasure hunt is free and open to all. However, the prize can be awarded only to a winner 18 years of age or older. Contest rules are available at Le Cube Secret online, under the Treasure Hunt tab.

Tell them the Montreal Times sent you!

Le Cube Secret

4289 Autoroute des Laurentides

(where rue Michelin comes to an end)

Laval,Qc H7L5W5



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