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Nasty Show with Bobby Slayton


By: Stuart Nulman

Last Wednesday night (July 9), the 32nd edition of the Just For Laughs festival began on a nasty note with the always popular Nasty Show, which concludes its run at Club Soda this weekend before it continues at the Metropolis for an additional three nights between July 24-26.

Host Bobby Slayton began the show expressing his displeasure that he wasn’t able to show his traditional opening video because the file got corrupted, but told the sold out crowd that it dealt with animated porn.
From there, he introduced the crowd to a line-up that was probably one of the strongest, capitol “N” nastiest line-ups in the nearly 30-year history of the Nasty Show, which included Ari Shaffir, Wil Sylvince (who was a hit at last year’s Ethnic Show, and was a hit on this show), Montrealer Derek Seguin (who killed at his Nasty Show debut, especially his graphic retelling of how he closely witnessed his wife giving birth to one of their children); Kurt Metzger; the brawny Alaska native Hailey Boyle, and Nasty Show veteran and former host Nick DiPaolo, who closed the show with his trademark machine gun-paced, tough-as-nails comedy style. Although very little of the comics’ material can be reprinted here due to its graphic, sensitive nature, rest assured that it certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to living up to its “nasty” billing.

For more information, or to purchase tickets to this or any other Just For Laughs show, check out their website at

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