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PRESS RELEASE – Mont Saint-Sauveur finally opens the PARC F.U.N.!


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Saint-Sauveur, May 7th 2014- It’s with great enthusiasm and eagerness that Mont Saint-Sauveur’s teams kick-off Spring on May 10th, with the official opening of its mind-blowing activities area! This year, in addition to riding Mont Saint-Sauveur’s glacier, families will have access to a ton of activities at the foot of the mountain. Implemented in 2012, the Amusement area matures and becomes the PARC F.U.N.!

Located at the foot of the learning trail, the activities area grows up and gets a brand new name. Therefore, visitors will witness the birth of the PARC F.U.N., on Saturday, May 10th! This acronym merges three great characteristics dear to Mont Saint-Sauveur’s staff and follows the company’s mission to implement new products, which must inevitably answer three criteria: being Fantastic, Unique and in Nature. Take a moment to stop by, your children and grand children will have a blast.

Set alongside the only alpine roller coaster in Quebec, the Viking, the three activities already famous with the visitors will welcome a newcomer this summer. Mont Saint-Sauveur is proud to announce that the new ride called SONIC* will enter the PARC F.U.N. this summer, joining the Viking (a unique in Quebec alpine roller coaster), the Dragon (double zipline offering grandparents, parents and children, the chance to glide over the Park over 770 feet), the Honeybee (little cups), the Red Baron (planes) and the Giant tree. Lying face down, passengers will embark on the SONIC for an intergalactic destination! Rotating around a main axis, the SONIC will give everyone willing to fly to the moon, chills. The SONIC arrives at the end of June.

MTStSauveur02The SONIC

Everyone join us on Saturday, May 10th for the opening of the PARC F.U.N.! Take the opportunity to enjoy your last days of the longest ski season in Quebec, at Mont Saint-Sauveur!

*Note that the SONIC will join the fun this summer only.

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