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Restaurant Day: Get Your Taste Buds Ready


By Alyssa De Rosa – mtltimes.ca

Ever dream of being a culinary master chef? Have your food tasted by friends, family and even strangers? On Sunday, August 17th that can all be made possible because for the first time ever, Montreal will be participating in Restaurant Day.

Restaurant day is a single day where anyone can open their own restaurant whether it be in their backyard, kitchen, park, or living room and serve their home-cooked food. It happens for one day, four times a year across the globe. Montreal, along with over 50 other countries will be participating in this worldwide phenomenon on Sunday.

It all began in 2011 in Helsinky when Timo Santala and a friend wanted to open their restaurant. After having been faced with too many harsh obstacles, they decided to start a one day festival where anyone can open up a place and serve their own food. This concept, also known as a pop-up shop – in this case restaurant has been gaining popularity in big cities. 45 countries in 13 cities participated in the first Restaurant Day and since then has been a major success.

41 restaurants are expected to showcase their skills in Montreal this Sunday. Many will be operated in the afternoon so keep your eyes peeled for a variety of delicious food.

Want to participate? It’s simple. Visit restaurantday.org for a list of restaurants or simply to list your own and be an extra flavor in this culinary experience.

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