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The truth about Online Gambling myths


Online Gambling Myths – If enough people write about how bad online gambling is or how addictive online gambling is in the world today it somehow becomes a semi-fact. This semi-fact world applies to politics, world history, economics and especially in the world on online gambling.

Governments all over the globe have taken over gambling in one way or another such as: casinos, lotteries and sports betting. Online Gambling is the new kid on the block and carries over the old prejudices of brick and mortar casinos.

Here are some facts on Online gambling:

Online gaming or gambling is illegal

  1. Most people feel that if it is illegal to gamble where they live then that must apply to online gambling like free online slots.

This is not the case: in most countries where either or both of these conditions apply, there is no statute on the law books that actually makes free online casino games illegal.

It is Easy for kids to gamble online

No. To use the Canada as an example, getting a fake ID for access to gambling (and alcohol) at a land-based casino is a lot easier than the credit checks, ID verification and other security measures used by reputable online gambling sites to vet players before they are allowed to bet. So online gambling is in fact accessible to fewer underage players.

Likewise, even in countries where gambling is banned, to access international online gambling sites, young people would have to use their parents’ IDs and credit card details, so it’s unlikely without either collusion or negligence on their parents’ part. That’s hardly the responsibility of online gambling sites.

All gaming and online gambling sites are scams

No. There’s a persistent myth that all online gambling sites are rigged scams; partitioned by the Internet, players never notice that nobody ever wins. This is nonsense: some of the most reputable names in land-based casinos and sports betting now have online sites, and if they were welshing on bets, the vocal and activist online gambling community would not be slow to broadcast the news. If anything, online connectivity allows casinos and betting sites to track player behaviour more effectively than land-based operations, so that problem betting can be identified earlier.

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