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What’s changed in the Last 10 Years in Online Gaming?


Ask any gamer. A lot can happen in the gaming world in one year. A game you purchased for $100 today could be free next month. Your gaming computer may be too weak to handle next year’s games.

On a broader scale, the online gaming industry has undergone tremendous changes since 2008. From professional gaming becoming a real sport to VR in casino sites, below are all the things we witnessed in the last decade.


A small group of gamers began organizing competitive gaming around 2010. By 2012, more than $1 million was on the line for the best gamer in the world. In the next five years, more than a dozen cities have hosted eSports-related events, leading to payouts as high as $10 million per event.

Like any regular sport, eSports has leagues these days and its events can be streamed online. As of last year, more than 350 million people have watched professionals play online. The number is expected to reach half a billion people in two years’ time, more than many traditional sports can dream of.

At least ten European countries have regulated eSports leagues. In the US, Los Angeles and New York have been hosting eSports event every year for a while. The events are also organized and overseen to ensure everyone is done in the most professional way possible.

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting paid to play video games, you can join eSports. However, the sport is as competitive as any other. Getting to the top leagues and playing in major events takes a lot of hard work.

The good thing, eSports opened a lot of opportunities besides games as it became bigger. You can stream your videos on YouTube and earn advertising revenues. You can become a game reviewer or a journalist to follow the major events.

Mobile Gaming

If you had a mobile phone before 2008, chances are that it was a button-operated phone. Apple didn’t release its first iPhone until June 2007. Google released android one year later in September 2008. Back then, the games you found on mobile phones were simplistic and often bland.

The snake game released by Microsoft’s Nokia was one of the most popular games prior to iOS and Android. Between 2009 and 2019, almost everything has undergone changes in the mobile gaming industry.

First, we had simple 2D games that run on the early versions of Android and IOS. The graphics were bad and games crushed often. The sound quality was often poor and controls were a nightmare to use. With each year that passed, developers bettered their games.

Currently, Google Play and iOS stores are full of marvelous mobile games. From world-known games like PUBG to Pro Evolution Soccer, all the major developers are mobile-focused. The casino industry, that was once seen as a predominantly PC-based industry is catering to mobile users as well.

Unlike video games, casinos prefer to make their platforms browser-based. That way, you avoid downloading all the games on casino sites which could lead to GBs worth of data. Some gambling platforms also avail apps to people who love them but the user experience is similar to browsers platforms.

Improved Gameplay, Graphics, and Controls

Sure, some of the best online games were released prior to 2005. Remember Super Mario Bros? Donkey Kong, Asteroids, King’s Quest and the Legends of Zelda all came before the MacOS was released. Still, some of the best games ever launched in the last decade.

Video gaming gameplay, graphics, and controls seem to improve as technology is advanced. The limitations of Operating Systems has always made it difficult to make complex games. Primitive gameplay never interested a lot of people and poor controls made some people throw away their controllers.

Today, playing some games online feels like an out-of-this-world experience. With VR and AR technologies, your environs and how you perceive the games are altered. The advanced, immersive graphics and thrilling gameplay can keep you glued in front of computers for hours.

Whether you love sports games or casino games, modern technology is influencing the whole industry. The new online slotsyou find today use the latest in video graphics. The gameplay in mobile gaming is much better than they were ten years ago. Games are improving in quality overall and will continue to advance in the future.

How Games make Money

For many years, the main ways game developers made money was by selling game copies. Once you bought the game, you gained access to all its features. Over the years, developers invented more ways to rake profits from their games.

Instead of sell games at exorbitant prices, they give them away for free or sell them for small amounts. But for a player to complete the game, they either have to play for weeks or buy cosmetic products. An action-packed game will make their characters super-strong and only beatable by purchasing special weapons.

If you want to unlock special players in sports games, you pay for them. This business model has been going on to date. Except for Nintendo and a few other developers, most online games are free of charge. All the top mobile games are also available for free. However, most of them require that you buy items to advance your career mode or become more competitive.

Attitudes toward the Industry

Gone are the days when people viewed online gaming as a way to pass time for aloof people. With top gamers making millions, there is increased positive coverage of online gaming activities. The fact that research also shows gaming makes people smartmeans parents no longer push their kids away from their computers and consoles.

To Conclude

The online gaming industry has undergone as many challenges as changes. From the technical aspects to the graphics, a new change occurs in gaming every year. Mobile phones no longer contain games that use primitive graphics. Casino games are available on smartphones and video games are much cheaper.

Most of the changes that have been occurring in the industry are beneficial to gamers. Expect more of the same in 2019, with VR and blockchain being projected to influence online gaming in a big way.














































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