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What’s New at the Museum of Fine Arts


Museum of Fine Arts – The Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal is constantly changing exhibitions every other month. To keep up with what’s new and what has finished at the museum, here’s a list of the current exhibitions. For more information about them and to book your tickets, click here to access their website.


Once Upon a Time…The Western

This new exhibition is a multidisciplinary show on “the myths and stereotypes associated with genre of the Western film from the nineteen century to today”. The exhibition shows links between the visual arts from the 19th century up to day, in order for us to understand the Western film genre. There will be over 400 different paintings, sculptures, photographs and film excerpts to understand the link between cinema and fine art. This exhibition is available until February the 4th 2018, so click here to buy your tickets now.

Once Upon a Time...The Western
Once Upon a Time…The Western
Meryl McMaster In Between Worlds

“In Between Worlds” presents the work of Indigenous female artists, who through their art, photography and speech, explore the   true identity and culture of the First Nations’. Through her accessories, McMaster mimics the extension and the telescoping of our bodies and identities. “In Between Worlds” is a complex mix of characters rediscovering and finding their true selves and their very own culture. The exhibition will be available until December the 3rd 2017.

Meryl McMaster In Between Worlds
Meryl McMaster In Between Worlds



Minemosyne is an exhibition which explores the “unexpected encounters between the works on display in the new Michal and Renation Hornstein Pavilion for Peace”. This presentation portrays 14 different contemporary artists from Quebec and Canada. It demonstrates a beautiful marriage between contemporary art and the art from the past. This comparison between two different eras of art, demonstrates a “timeless aesthetic” of classic themes and shapes. This exhibition will be available until May the 20th 2018.



By: Elsa-Maret- mtltimes.ca
By: Elsa-Maret- mtltimes.ca
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