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Would you be willing to spend 30 hours in a coffin?


30 hours in a coffin – La Ronde invites the most reckless to take up the challenge 30 hours in a coffin. Six courageous will have the mission to spend 30 hours lying in a coffin that will be exhibited at La Ronde from October 13 to October 14.

Participants should stay in the coffin except for breaks to go to the bathroom. Any candidate leaving his coffin for another reason will be automatically eliminated. In addition, they will have to eat all their meals in their coffin and will be allowed a break of 6 minutes per hour to go to the toilets.

If more than one participant remains after 30 hours, there will be a draw for the grand prize.

The big price $300

Two Passport- Season Gold 2019

Two basic Passport-Resto

Two Fright Passes and the coffin!

All remaining participants will receive a 2019 Gold Season Pass and two Fear passes.

To be eligible:

• Must be 18 years of age or older with an ID card (photo required)

• Do not have health problems that could compromise your health or well-being by sleeping for 30 hours in a casket

• Must sign a waiver to participate

• Must be able to lie in a coffin

• Must bring pillow and sleeping bag or blanket

La Ronde will provide you:

• A deluxe coffin, slightly worn

• All meals will be served in bed … in your casket

• A six-minute break every hour to go to the bathroom

• Charging stations for phones

• Random visits of our evil creatures

Registration: You must complete the form by 4 October at midnight. Participants will be selected on Friday, October 5th and must accept before the end of the day on Saturday, October 6th.

One entry per person please. Multiple entries will not increase your chances.

Register here

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