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Father and Guns 2


Father and Guns 2 – July 13 saw the commercial release of Father and Guns 2 (De père en flic 2), a made-in-Quebec police comedy. Indications are that this sequel might do even better than the original Father and Guns, the biggest box office hit of any French language movie made in Canada. That original movie also reaped in honours such as Golden Reel Award.

 “Father and Guns 2 is showing on 122 screens across Quebec,” producer Denise Robert told The Times. “Cinema owners are confident that the movie will do well against new Hollywood releases.”

 “To enjoy this movie, it is not essential to have seen Father and Guns Part 1” added screen writer Émile Gaudreault. “Part 2 is a film on its own.”


“When we produced Part 1 in 2009, we had no intention of creating a sequel,” confided Robert. “But Émile had a brainwave about three years ago concerning a ‘bootcamp for couples’.”

 The plot involves a dysfunctional father-and-son relationship where both are police officers. The father, Jacques (played by Michel Côté) and Marc Laroche (Louis-José Houde) are trying to crack a high profile mafia case. The plan is to infiltrate a couples’ therapy camp in the Laurentians to get close to the Montreal mafia boss’s right hand man (Patrice Robitaille) who is there with his girlfriend (Julie Le Breton).

Given that Marc and his girlfriend (Karine Vanasse) are also experiencing relationship difficulties, this seems easy enough. Jacques, meanwhile, pretends to be the assistant camp therapist, but things do not go according to plan…

This sequel differs from part 1 by having many more strong female roles including Karine Vanasse who is also known for her roles in Hollywood movies.

“This is not a special-effects driven movie,” notes Gaudreault, “Instead; we go back to a human scale of things. I am most proud of the 14 main actors.” The opening scene does have some special effects but less than can be found in many Hollywood movies.

Neither Gaudreault nor Robert see the French-only soundtrack as an obstacle for anglophones. “Dubbed movies don’t work here in Quebec so we fine-tuned the subtitles, working with stand-up comic Mike Paterson who has special talent in this area. The subtitles are not a literal translation, but written for each scene.”

Robert cites  anglophone friends telling her it’s “the funniest movie they have seen in years,” and this reporter agrees.

Robert and Gaudreault have now produced eight movies together. Robert herself is perhaps better known for her productions of The Barbarian Invasions (2003) and The Rocket (2005). She is also married to film producer Denys Arcand.

The Times also spoke to Genie-winning lead actor Michel Côté, who declared that Quebec is the best place in the world for a movie star to live. “In (France) they are aggressive toward stars while in the USA, stars need bodyguards, but in Quebec the population is respectful. The locals don’t deify stars here; they don’t godify us!”

Father and Guns 2 (De père en flic 2)

117 minutes Quebec Comedy 2017

French soundtrack with English subtitles

Not recommended for young children

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