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Jumanji: The Next Level – New adventures this December


Adventure movies have always fascinated us due to the adrenaline shot they are offering. People of any age and from all over the world are watching this type of film and don’t regret a thing. They all dream they can become heroes in an instant when they are faced with death. Everyone likes the inciting situations, the mystery, and suspense while seeing some ordinary people trying to overpass their limits into extraordinary. What do you know about Jumanji? The movie? Have you ever seen it? Well, the news is that the new movie Jumanji: The Next Level will be launched in December this year. This movie series is all about adventure.


You must know the first Jumanji movie as it was launched in the ’90s. Jumanji’s first movie was on TV many times, and it stared the regretted comedy actor Robin William who committed suicide back in 2014 and shocked an entire world. He was also known for the Peter Pan role in Hook movie. Children from all over the world also loved him for the part in Mrs. Doubtfire when a desperate dad disguised himself in a lovely nanny only to spend time with his children. This movie was all about three people trying to play the game and win, so their world becomes the same quiet place it was before the Jumanji game turned it into a modern jungle. The city they all lived in was devastated by monkeys, elephants, and even more scary animals.

Jumanji’s second movie called Welcome to the Jungle is a more modern approach to the jungle adventures of Robin. Robin has been replaced with Dwayne Johnson, a six-pack man women love. This movie is about four people that get in detention in high school, and while cleaning out the basement, they discover a game they want to try. Not a wise choice because the game is tricky and is taking them in a more dangerous challenge they thought they would experience. Everyone becomes the avatar they chose, and they have to cope with the new bodies they are. Even though they all have unique skills, getting out of the jungle will be tough!

Jumanji: The Next Level brings the adventure to the next level. Jumanji is again a game that can suck in people and make them play to win if they want to get back in the present life. This is how four people we already know get in the deep jungle mysteries and try to have their way back in the present. It’s not their first time here, but it surely is the most challenging time.

In the hot air of the jungle or the cold air of the mountains, Jumanji is the world where you got to win your way out, or you are dead! This movie comes with a new approach since the movie effects are more modern than in 2017, and everything seems more exciting. The game is so popular and beloved, that game developer created even a very popular series of slots using this subject. An example of an online casino where people can play it is Unibet.

We are all waiting for this movie to appear in cinemas and feel the same thrill the characters do in the adventure they all got in. Will they all survive the adventure they experienced? We will live and see.

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