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Personal Shopper – Fashion and ghosts


Maureen Cartwright (Kristen Stewart) is in Paris and works as a “personal shopper, ” i.e., someone who gets clothes, jewellery, and other accessories for a person who is too famous to go shopping without drawing the attention of people. In her case, she works for Kira (Nora von Waldstatten), a well-known model. But Maureen is much more than a young lady visiting high-level boutiques, and here is where things get more interesting: she is a medium and her staying in Paris is not only to do her shopping job, but also to try to get in contact with her twin brother, who died just recently. Things get particularly spooky when she stays by herself in what used to be her brother’s house, and during the night she receives, in fact, a visitor from the other world, but what would happen next is not what she expected.

Kristen Stewart delivers a great performance in “Personal Shopper”

Because of her job, she is also travelling to London, and during her trip there she starts receiving text messages that worry her: she relates them to her unpleasant experience with what seems to be something supernatural. Is a ghost stalking her? And is this spirit using the modern technology of texting too? The stalking would continue for a few days until a new—more terrifying event—makes things more complicated (for both, the protagonist and us, spectators). Maureen, who has been in contact with her boyfriend (Ty Olwin) decides that is time to leave Paris and her job behind and join him in a Middle East country where he is installing a security system for the American embassy. But ghosts also travel…

Directed by Olivier Assayas, “Personal Shopper” has a few loose ends and situations that are somehow contradictory, but its story develops with a good pace and keeps the audience interested. The acting by Kristen Stewart is remarkable, delivering the complexity of the strange character she plays in a very efficient and convincing way.

Length: 105 min.

By: Sergio Martinez –

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