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Ash makes her Soulful R&B debut with ”Lover Friend” – Listen Now

Oahu, Hawaii-bred newcomer Ashley Lilinoe is in full bloom and is ready to make her big debut. The 22-year-old  singer released her new soulful track  “Lover Friend” on Friday (June 8)

Ash previously competed as a semi-finalist on American Idol, where she seduced the crowd and gained a golden ticket accompanied by her acoustic guitar and outstanding voice. She first became popular on her Youtube channel in 2013 after posting music videos and covers showing her rather exceptional guitar skill and impressive voice.

Ashley Lilinoe was also crowned Miss Hawaii at the age of 17.  After spending her youth on the island, the budding artist is currently living on an organic farm in Kelowna, British Columbia with her partner, where she’s cultivating, seeding and transplanting crops. She is supremely focused on sustainability, which is also reflected in her music and artistry. “Our buying and trashing mindset has encouraged polluted water sources and growing lands, and millions of post-consumer landfill sites that ooze the toxicity of a greedy and scarce culture.” she says. “I played a part in this until I woke up.

Her identity is deeply connected to the physical world, with her surname translating to “fine mist” in Hawaiian, and her nom de plume Ash referring to “what remains when all is set to flame,” a form of rebirth.

Ashley Lilinoe’s healing music is written from the heart and her genuine passion along with her mellow joyful vibe are all incredibly satisfying to watch. Her music has been self-described as “Acoustic neo-soul meets jazzy R&B flowing with a bluesy reggae.” and her songs are a journey in themselves, exploring what it means to love yourself and the earth around you.

With this track however, Ash start a new promising era, sharing her incredible talent and energy outside of her usual acoustic set.
Listen to ‘Lover Friend’  today !

Her sensual bluesy voice that she now mixes confidently with other instruments and exciting new musical arrangement, crafts a unique cocktail of slinky, earthy soul-R&B. Think the grassroots queer Sade, fused with the likes of Tash SultanaSZA and Jhene Aiko.

“On the purest side of the Lover is one that embarks on a journey of healing their heart through loving it’s self unconditionally; that is you being your greatest friend,Ash says of her debut.

“In this story I then go on meeting reflections of myself, and had loved each one. Innocent and confusing, it was all healing and the coming to learning that our friendship will always be the most magical connection that I’ve truly desired. To end, it comes full circle. How the song starts and who it started with is now and will always be that one eternal, Lover friend.”

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