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Local Artist Ramon Chicharron debuts his new EP in Montreal


Ramon Chicharron – Born in Medellin, Colombia, but based in Montreal for the past decade, Ramon Chicharron presented a fresh and delightful performance that warmed up everybody in the O Patros Vys last Thursday night.

The new album called Meremcumbé was receive like a breeze of summer air at the underground location. The multi-instrumentalist and his 4 band member presented 6 new tracks that he composed isolated in the jungle of Costa Rica and recorded in Montreal.

Although he always looks for sounds that bring him close to his colombian roots, Ramon experimented with multiple latin styles and afro-colombian percussions to create a sound that makes us travel the world without moving.

Named after a popular 1950s musical genre created by Pacho Galán, Merecumbé is a savvy melange of Cumbia, a native Colombian music, and merengue from the Caribbean region.

Ramon launched the album Uepaje, in December 2015. Celebrating the ancestral afrocolombian rhythms of cumbia, bullerengue, son corrido, tambora and puya, to which he adds trombone, clarinet and electric guitar, Ramon Chicharron creates a musical fusion he calls “cumbia chicharronica”.

In this opus Ramon celebrates folkloric rhythms while adding electronic sound and psycho-tropical melodies. His perfect mastery of the style and exotic composition seduced the crowd of the O Patros Vys who couldn’t resist the temptation to dance to the fresh and joyful music.

His music transcribes the exhilarating experience, describing a colourful and rhythmic journey. He also uses his dansable composition to raise the listener’s awareness of modern environmental disruptions and the situation of migrants.

With lyrics tackling the plight of migrants and inspired by Pachamama, the goddess known as Mother Earth among Andean people, he hopes to spread a message of consciousness while adapting the Colombian folklore to global sounds.

Ramon Chicharron is the perfect easy-listen album to start the festival season and enjoy the sun.




By: Xavier Hébert – info@mtltimes.ca

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